James Wright has a new album out and it’s JUST WRIGHT!

Known for the 2014 hit song “Sana’y Ikaw” which was the anthem of the equally successful Alden Richards – Marian Rivera teleserye CARMELA, James who is currently signed with GMA Records is singing a brand new tune in his 2nd recording stint with the label.

Last week,  we had a chance to talk to James Wright during an intimate media conference held at the GMA Network building where he shared his thoughts about his new album called “JUST WRIGHT.”

The album is a 12-track EP that contains 5 original OPM songs and the English version MY DESTINY which is the theme song from the hit Korean romcom TV series “My Love From The Star.” Incidentally, the series will have a Philippine adaptation that is set to come out on GMA Network this coming March. It will star Jennylyn Mercado, Gil Cuerva, Christian Bautista and Jackie Rice.

And of course, James Wright will be singing the theme song. In fact, the English version of “My Destiny” is fast becoming an LSS kind of music to many as early as now.

The other six tracks in the JUST WRIGHT EP are the backing track or minus one of all the six songs.

What’s interesting about James’ new album is that it’s not going to be all ballad this time. Unlike his self-titled 2014 debut album, JUST WRIGHT will contain pop-sounding tunes.

It has two songs written by Vehnee Saturno (Mahal Na Nga Kita, Lahat Ng Akig Pag-Ibig), two songs from Edmund Perlas (Please Come Back, Open Up) and one song from Dodgie Simon (Ibig Bang Sabihn). The song “Ibig Bang Sabihin” will come out with a music video and will be like the second single out right after “My Destiny.”

During the interview, James admitted that while he believes that Tagalog songs has more heart compared to English ballads, he’s still not yet that 100% confident in performing Tagalog songs. James is Filipino-Australian.

He also said that he’s 70% a performer and 30% a recording artist. What he loves more than recording songs is the part when he has a chance to connect with music fans and audiences. Saying that when people go to his shows, his number one goal is to give them #TheWrightExperience.

Here are more of James Wright’s interview:

JUST WRIGHT is already available in Astroplus, Landmark, Lazada and Astro Vision outlets for only 199 Pesos. Its digital version on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and over 160 digital stores worldwide.

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