Do you believe in fate? Destiny? Serendipity?

Well, many people believe that it’s the same as “luck” or opportunities that you just happen to be ready for.

But call it what you may, a lot of people also believe that when things are bound to happen – they will happen. In other words, if it’s MEANT TO BE – it will be.

And in terms of looking for that right person for you, Kapuso actress Barbie Forteza has this to say,

“Sa mahigit 7 bilyong tao sa mundo, may isa sa kanila na nakalaan para sa ‘yo.”

(In a world filled with 7 billion people, there’s that one person that’s going to be meant for you) 

Barbie Forteza and Ken Chan #MeantToBe

So how do you know if you’re MEANT TO BE? Here are some revealing signs:

You say WE more than ME

Most likely, if you’re in a relationship that don’t feel right, you’re very much still in the ME stage. But if you’re in a relationship that fits like a glove, you are probably thinking more of WE most of the time and YOU sometimes, but less of ME. You might not even realize it but that’s what really happens.

Being with Other People is Just Not The Same

Ever heard of the saying, “Let it go, but if it comes back to you, it’s yours”? Well, that is exactly how it is with your meant to be. Being with other people only strengthens what you have for each other from the start.

Honesty Becomes the Only Policy

Actually, honesty comes only as a consequence of you being comfortable with each other to the highest level. You feel that you can just tell him or her about anything. You feel that with him or her, you can be naked. Nothing to hide.

Different But Same

It is impossible that you two will agree about everything all the time! We are all created as unique individuals so that’s really not possible. But you both have respect and appreciation, your individuality is your partner’s first responsibility – and that’s what makes the two of you gel together.

And this brings us to the fifth, and final sign;

After the War, You’re Still as One Piece

You may hate each other’s guts or continuously argue about things, but.. you still love each other the same after. Actually the arguments only fuels more love and that’s the mystery of it all. If you can survive this for many years and still end up together – well, you are really MEANT TO BE.

What was the inspiration for this post, you might ask?

MEANT TO BE is actually the title of an upcoming RomCom Primetime Series on GMA Network that will start on Monday, January 9.

The show stars Barbie Forteza as Billie Bendiola, the leading lady of four Kapuso hunks namely Ken Chan (Yuan Lee), Jak Roberto (Andoy Dela Cruz), Ivan Dorschner (Ethan Spencer-Hughes) and Addy Raj (Jai Patel).

To sum up, hard-working Billie (Barbie) will cross paths (and hearts) with four very famous male socialite who are not only the best of friends but also business partners.

I was able to watch the Pilot episodes yesterday during the special GMA preview held at the Victoria Sports Tower in Quezon City.

The story was interesting enough and all the characters in the series are really fun to watch. It kinda reminded me of the 2001 hit Taiwanese TV series Meteor Garden that launched the careers of Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si), Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei), Ken Chu (Xi Men), Vaness Wu (Mei Zuo) and Barbie Hsu (Dong Shacai).

Incidentally, both leading ladies are named BARBIE – so maybe, it’s okay to say that MEANT TO BE is the millennial version of Meteor Garden but with UN (United Nations) flavorings since all the male hunks in the series has Chinese, British, Indian and pure Pinoy blood.

Barbie Forteza

Now here are Five things about this series that might convince TV audience that the SUCCESS of this project is really MEANT TO BE:

  1. Sef Cadayona (as Billie’s brother Bats) and his collection of college T-shirts. In the story, Bats is a happy-go-lucky guy who couldn’t finish a single college course, hence the many college shirts. Sef is very funny in this show – had a lot of laughs watching him in the first two episodes.
  2. Bad Boy Ken Chan! This was a great transition for him after playing the transgender DESTINY ROSE – which was a big hit for GMA as well. From being extremely feminine to bad boy hunk – he’s really a surprise! A great actor indeed!
  3. The 80s Triplets Reunited! If you are a child of the 80s then you’ve probably remember Manilyn Reynes, Sheryl Cruz and Tina Paner ruling most of the local films. As an added treat in MEANT TO BE – these three 80s star reunites under one awesome RomCom TV series production. Manilyn Reynes will play the role of Amelia Bendiola, the mother of Billie and Bats. Sheryl Cruz is Beatriz while Tina Paner is Lucy, Amelia’s sister.
  4. Free Kiss with Barbie! A viral video of Barbie Forteza giving Free Kisses to all the Chinoys at the airport is how it all started for MEANT TO BE!
  5. Lastly, the love story of one of the late 80s hottest love team – Manilyn Reynes and Keempee De Leon, continues in MEANT TO BE. Keempee will play the role of Winston Bendiola, Amelia’s husband and the father of Billie and Bats. It was no secret that the two became real-life boyfriend-girlfriend when they were in their teens. The relationship ended abruptly because they were both too young to handle it. Mane and Keempee fans will have a blast from the past in this TV series.

Also in the series are Mika Dela Cruz (as Mariko, Lucy’s daughter), Stephanie Sol (as Cacai), Zymic Jaranilla (as Tots), Gloria Romero (as Madj), Ashley Rivera, Tess Bomb and many others. Directed by LA Madridejos.

Mika Dela Cruz

Watch the series starting Monday (January 9) on GMA Telebabad after Alyas Robinhood and find out who is Billie’s MEANT TO BE!

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