TIEZA welcomes OFWs coming to the Philippines with awesome news this year!

OFWs have long enjoyed travel tax exemption privileges under Section 2 of PD 1183, due to their significant contribution to our national economy.  During the previous Holiday season though, and in Holiday Seasons past, those who wished to take advantage of their travel tax exemption had to obtain a certificate from the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), for which there was a fee.

This Holiday Season will be the first in which OFWs will no longer need to pay for and obtain a separate Travel Tax Exemption Certificate.

When leaving the country for their country of employment after this year’s holiday season. OFWs can be exempted automatically from travel taxes in one of two ways:

  • If they were hired through the POEA, the Overseas Employment Certificate issued by the POEA will serve as the Travel Tax Exemption Certificate.
  • For those hired directly by companies abroad, a Certificate of Employment issued by the Philippine Embassy / Consulate in the place of work or an Employment Contract authenticated by the Philippine Embassy / Consulate.

Please note that Tax Exempt status is only valid for travel to the country of employment.  Other individuals such as Filipinos living abroad who visited the Philippines for less than a year, Airline personnel as well, may also be exempted from paying Travel Taxes.

For a full list of those who are exempted from Taxes, as well as how to avail of Travel Tax exemption, please go to:  http://tieza.gov.ph/travel-tax/travel-tax-exemption/  for information on Travel Taxes in General, please visit:  http://tieza.gov.ph/travel-tax/.

Also, TIEZA makes Travel Tax payment easier and hassle-free!

Standing in line is something that nobody likes.  This is why TIEZA, the government arm tasked with the collection and allocation of Travel Taxes; that formerly had to be settled either at a TIEZA office or at a dedicated queue at the airport, has now rolled out the Travel Tax Online Payment System.

No more falling in line at the airport just to pay your travel taxes, now it can be done via this simple procedure:

Go to the TIEZA website at http://tieza.gov.ph/  (or: http://www.phtraveltax.com/cgi-bin/tieza.cgi) , from there you can open an account via a short registration procedure.  The default home screen is the Travel Tax Online Payment System, to begin the process, simply click “click here”.  The TIEZA home screen is not static, and the main image changes, should the main image cycle to different image, you won’t need to wait for it to cycle back, just click the “Travel Tax” tab, and select “Pay Travel Tax” in the dropdown, this should bring you to the login screen.  First timers should click on “Don’t have an account? Click here”, this will bring up the registration screen.  The registration screen will ask for very basic information, including your email address.  Be sure to fill in an address you have access to at the moment you register, as you will need to confirm your registration via email.  Finally, you will get a pop-up summary of the information you provided, and be asked to click “OK” to confirm.

Once registered, you will see a new screen and you can pay your travel taxes by just clicking a button that says “Click here to fill up Travel Tax Payment Form”, this will lead you to a very straightforward form that will ask for some basic information about your flight, as well as the type of ticket you have.  Once you have filled out the initial form and submitted it, you will need to provide your credit card information along with some pertinent flight details.

At the end of the process, you will be given an electronic receipt to print out, this you can then present at the airport on the day of your flight as proof that you have paid your travel taxes.  This will save you the hassle of having to fall in line at the airport to pay your travel taxes, or to make an extra trip to a TIEZA office.

Should you require additional information, call the TIEZA office at (02) 551 – 9533.

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