Business Trends – The new year represents hope for a brighter future and to some, a fresh new start – this is also mostly true for small entreps and start-up businesses.

Business Trends

Vision or foresight is what sets an entrepreneur to move towards a path of success and this is usually brought about by a sound assessment of current trends and all other factors that influenced the over-all business environment from marketing to management as well as consumer needs, supplies and demands.

This 2017 will be an exciting year for new entrepreneurs as the tide begins to change and open up more business opportunities for millennials – baby boomers are now at the retiring age and we’ll see a lot of turn-overs happening within the next years – if it hasn’t happened already.

So here are the exciting prospects for next year when it comes to businesses:

  1. A turn-over may also mean SELLING THE BUSINESS to other entities. 2017 will be a ripe year to buy and sell established businesses. Many are projected to try and get ahead of competitors by selling their businesses next year before the market becomes too stiff and business buyouts decrease.
  2. E-COMMERCE will still be at the helm as technology is becoming more easier to use, items you once could only find at specialty shops are now easily accessible online. As technology continues to expand in 2017, we should see an increase in e-commerce trends.
  3. Affordable Electric Transportation for Urban Commuters are also on the rise. Aside from providing a solution to the world’s green requirements, E-vehicles are now an in-demand lifestyle trend as well. In the next years, we’ll be seeing more innovation to these e-vehicles, becoming more portable and reliable in terms of battery life and maybe rival the usual diesel/gas powered commuter vehicles like buses, jeeps, trikes and trains. Manufacturers, Importers and Dealers will definitely have a field day!
  4. Smart Home Devices are also on the rise. The Disney cartoon “House of the Future” is already a “now thing” with everything being automated from the kitchen to the living room – these devices are designed to make everything easy at home. Shoppers can find products that interface with devices already in the home and introduce new applications that address needs that we didn’t even know we had.
  5. Apparels for Active Lifestyle. Feature-heavy bags, pants and jackets have proved hugely popular among travelers, adventurers and photographers. Camera bags and backpacks with built-in chargers, custom pocketing and extra durability for extreme weather conditions is an example of these upgrades that aren’t currently available anywhere yet. Businesses that will cater to these needs has a lot of potential for 2017.

These are just some of the businesses that are projected to go big next year! Also be on a look-out for businesses that involves remote training, specialized coaching and nutrition or wellness tracking.

The future looks bright for 2017, are you ready to wear shades!

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