It’s almost that time of the year when houses get decked out with lights and baubles, gifts are given and received, merry tunes take over the airwaves, and ninongs and ninangs all go “missing-in-action.”

While everyone looks forward to the joy of the Yuletides, it can also be very stressful and tiresome. That is why it’s important that you #TasteTheChill by keeping in touch with your friends. In anticipation of all the Christmas parties coming your way, here are five types of people that you’d likely meet in one or two holiday events this year.

The Crafty Cathy

Known within the group as the certified DIY Junkie, Crafty Cathy whips out the home-made baked goodies wrapped in an intricate wrapper. She loves to cook, bake, and craft, which means you can assume that she was the most enthusiastic contributor to the Christmas potluck and decorations committee.


Where To Find Them: Probably giving out food recommendations at the buffet or handing out the name tags and photo props she lovingly labored over at the registration table.

The Certified Comedian

Here’s the funny friend you can rely on for both the best jokes and the corniest puns. His witty one-liners and pun-tastic retorts pepper the party, making sure that there’s never a dull moment with this dude. The only serious moment for this guy will be when he misses the last piece of crispy lechon.


Where To Find Them: Just look for the table where people are erupting in fits of laughter. He’s bound to be at the center of the ruckus.

The Humble Lucky One

Avid traveler and gadget collector, this is the pal whose Instagram feed is everyone’s legit #InstaGoals. She never boasts of her fab lifestyle, but you can’t help but envy-stalk her whenever she posts photos about her new travel or gadget haul. At the party, you’re sure to see her sporting either clothes or accessories from out of town, and the latest cellphone – all signs that she’s just on a whole different level.


Where To Find Them: In a corner where they’ll be sharing their travel escapades on their newest tablet. Just look for all the gushing and squealing and you’ll surely spot them in there.

Mr. Documentarian

Both a blessing and a curse, this party staple is bound to capture every moment of the event and post it online. That means whether you were snapped showing off your killer dance moves or you were caught stuffing your face with bibingka, Mr. Documentarian is sure to post it on multiple platforms of social media.


Where To Find Them: Wherever the WiFi is the fastest.  They might be hard to spot at first, especially since their faces will be glued to a screen practically the whole time.

The Super Chillmate

Ultra-reliable and chill, this is the friend who never shows any anxiety but isn’t a pushover either. The Chillmate is the one you go to for anything: from cool conversations to sure-win tag teams at the parlor games. The Chillmate goes with the flow but also follows the beat of his own drum. If you’re lucky, there will be more than one Chillmate at your party. The best part is you can become one, too!


Where To Find Them: Anywhere. Literally. The Chillmate comes in all forms and sizes, and can fit in practically everywhere.

You can actually compare this character with a bottle of chilled SOSRO FRUIT TEA. Just like the ones that I got the other day from my friends at Reddimart.

SOSRO currently has four unique fruit tea flavors: Guava, Strawberry, Apple and Freeze (a mix of Strawberry, Grape and Mint.

So if you want to #TasteTheChill don’t forget to include a couple of packs of SOSRO FRUIT TEA in your Christmas Party drinks.

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