Two episodes left of Sinungaling Mong Puso and #SMPJasonsHell

In the exciting conclusion of the GMA Drama TV adaptation of the 1992 Vilma Santos film “SINUNGALING MONG PUSO”, the characters of the series played by actors Rhian Ramos (Clara), Kiko Estrada (Jason) and Rafael Rosell (Roman) will go through their own different kinds of hell in probably one of the most tragic “passion” story ever written for viewing.

No spoilers here, but the cast during our exclusive blog conference held last week said that while those who have watched the original 1992 movie will find the conclusion a bit predictable at this point, they believe that the series will present some new and surprising perspectives on the tragic ending. The producers, actors and directors have tried very hard to stay true with the original screenplay but of course, a couple of new twists are being injected all throughout the duration of the series. The finale is not an exemption!

The blog conference was held last week on Tuesday right after their FB Live session at the GMA Network Social Media office. Joining Rafael Rosell, Rhian Ramos and Kiko Estrada in the conference are fellow actors JC Tiuseco (Jolo) and Gee Canlas (Jillian).


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Three words have been abusively linked to describe this series – Tragic, Daring and Bold. An afternoon Prime drama that is definitely NOT FOR KIDS! Even adults gets shocked with some of the scenes.

The actors themselves said that they will need to do a lot of reconditioning after the project. Actor Rafael Rosell who plays the ultimate bad guy in the story felt quite relieved after their final taping schedule last week and shaved his facial hair to immediately distance himself from the character.


Here are some of the exciting discussion that happened during the conference:

The Exciting Conclusion: Straight From The Cast

The Cast and What They Like About Their Characters

How Would The Cast Deal with their Character’s Issues in Real Life

The Cast on Taking Up More Challenging Roles in the Future

Reactions from Viewers, Vilmanians and the Cast of the Original Movie

On SMP Alternate Endings

The Cast Considers SMP as the Longest Acting Workshop

The Cast and Their On and Off Screen Camaraderie

What’s Next with the Cast of SMP

The series which opened in July 18, 2016 ran for a total of 75 episodes to date and was directed by Ricky Davao.  The original 1992 film was directed by Maryo J. Delos Reyes and stars Vilma Santos, Gabby Concepcion, Aga Muhlach, Alice Dixson and Aiko Melendez.

As a final word about SINUNGALING MONG PUSO the GMA TV series – I would like to take the words of actress Rhian Ramos during the blog conference,

“This is the show where I felt like I was really surrounded by actors and not celebrities.”

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