We all have our many different reasons why we do the things we do.

Some may have not realize their passion or calling at first and has only developed it through the years while others have searched and sacrificed blood, sweat and tears just to get to where they wanted to be.

This is true for all things in this world and what seems to be a very selfish venture turns out to be a worthwhile endeavor that can or has affected the lives of the people around us and even the world that we lived in.


Not The Blogger Rain

I didn’t set out to become a blogger or an online writer or online media or whatever it’s called nowadays. It’s a very long story so here’s a brief outline of events that leads to my discovery of this love for blogging:

  • I was the class comic-maker during my high school days – my stories then are shared through drawings which is kinda my thing when I was growing up.
  • I took up nursing in college but didn’t really had the chance to practice the profession. I never was the medicine type op person, I was more inclined to the arts. I joined choirs, youth organizations, theater groups, wrote songs, scripts and even acted and directed a couple of local stage plays.
  • Apart from being a working student at McDonald’s Baclaran, my first real ‘regular’ job was as a graphic designer for a digital stamp making company in Rizal. Those tiny logos on computer chips (ICs) – I was one of the people that used to design that.
  • My next job brought me to a Catholic NGO, from there I learned a lot of things like – technical writing, module development, public speaking, seminar facilitation, community organizing, marketing and promotion and even basic accounting.
  • I have managed a resort, a restaurant and even consulted for various organizations with regards to personnel management and trainings.
  • When I left a regular job to go self-employed as a training consultant, I have had a chance of rekindling one of my old passion which is writing. I started writing short stories and screenplays (still unpublished, but you can find some on my Wattpad account). And then, an online journal – a BLOG.

Rain The Blogger

Well I guess, it’s like what I’ve been doing during the early years of my life – I have a pen (sorry no apples and pineapples), a notebook, a lot of spare time, and then with a little bit of inspiration, that notebook quickly transforms into a blank canvass for my thoughts, experiences and occasional doodles.

That activity carried on until I discovered another new canvass called the computer and a program that allows me to share my ideas freely and more creatively. First it was Multiply, then blogger, then wordpress which I upgraded to become my very own self-hosted blogsite. RAINCHECK is born!


If you’ve seen my earliest post (which are very sloppy, by the way) most of it contains my personal thoughts about things and a few other posts about what is currently trending on the web (that’s what we used to call it back in the days) and some of my personal experiences. I didn’t know that there is already a Filipino blogging community then so I never get invited to events and stuff – so all the my contents are personal. And it still is. I only blog stuff that I like.

From Personal to Lifestyle

I didn’t have a niche (which some say is a great way to make the blog more appealing or get higher rankings on the internet), but I really didn’t give a shit about that so instead, I wrote about anything and everything under the sun.

As the years went on, rainCHECK has transformed itself from being a personal blog to a lifestyle blog that focuses on featuring interesting People, exciting Events, wonderful Places, Brands that matters and general Entertainment. Because of this transformation, I have migrated all my personal thoughts to another blog site that I call WRITTEN BY RAINDROPS and another one that focuses on sharing some important tools for leadership and management – MY LEADERSHIP TOOLBOX

I get invited to events now to which I decline almost 50% of the invites that I receive every year. Mainly because, if I say yes to all of them, I might not have the time to write about it on my blog. Which kinda defeats the purpose of WHY I attend events. I didn’t create a blog so I can attend events, I attend events because it’s going to give me some great contents for my blog. And that’s already a personal policy.

I think that this blog is all about a journey. It talks about one man’s attempt to chronicle the events that is happening in and all around him. A personal story told in relation to all the stories happening all around and every day. While it does most of the time focuses on brands and things that are more popular than my personal adages, but if you look at the stories on my blog more closely, you’ll find that there are small strings that tells you more about who I am. Small things that will tell you more about myself than I can elaborate during a heart-to-heart talk or even in intimate group sharing sessions.

In a way, reading my blog is also like checking for rain. A rain is a very funny thing, it’s just water from the sky but it scares the hell out of everyone when it falls. They scatter and scamper and look for shelter but it’s just water you see. The worst you could get out from it is that you’ll get wet.

But some people do enjoy the rain more than anything else. It’s an inspiration for many songs and romantic moments – to those who love to sing, dance and walk in the rain finds it a blessing more than a curse. Even the bushes and trees would agree to that.

So whether your team rain or not, checking out for rain can be a game-changing (or life-changing) moment. I would like to think that when I put out an article on the site that people are getting some thing out from it – whether a crucial information, an inspiration or even something to just lift up a mood. It may not be much to most people, I don’t have a blog that talks about BIG SOCIO-POLITICAL CHANGES or INTERNATIONAL ADVOCACIES –  but what it does have is me, myself and I.

If you want the world to change, start with yourself. It’s my blog. My stories. My life.


I have also recently started to chronicle the lives of other Filipino bloggers on my YouTube Channel. You can check it out at PROJECT MOTION RAIN which is currently at almost 9K subs strong by the way – hope you join the club. 🙂


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