Kapuso Princess and former Starstruck Season 4 winner KRIS BERNAL of the 2015 hit TV Series “Little Nanay” finally has some time on her hands this year to start a food business of her own.

A delicious venture that involves Aljur’s sausages and one of her all-time favorite comfort food – BURGERS!

MEAT KRIS, located at the newly established CommunEATy Roces Food Hub along A. Roces Avenue in Quezon City, is an all-imported pure beef patty burger joint that the young actress conceptualized on her own. From the patty selection to choosing the sauces and cheese, MEAT KRIS is all Kris Bernal from the ground up.


It may not look like it, but this super sexy and slim actress is a foodie by heart. She confessed to rainCHECK that her love for trying out new Restos and dishes led to her passion for food and a dream of owning her very own restaurant.

Well that was the original plan, but since she’s really not yet that well experienced in managing a huge restaurant, the 27 year-old actress decided to put up a small burger joint first – to “test the waters”, so to speak.


I was at MEAT KRIS last Monday to try out the burgers and well, to MEET KRIS.

Here’s a video of my exclusive interview with Kris and a quick look at her MEAT KRIS Burger Stall:

Honestly, the burger stall didn’t look that much captivating at first but like in most hidden gems, the real beauty shines from the inside.

MEAT KRIS’ secret weapon is it’s 100% pure US Angus beef patty present in all of the store’s burger variants like in the extra satisfying HAPPY LANG ALMUSAL (149 Pesos) – Bun, Mayo, Meatloaf, Egg, Cheese, Patty, Tomato, Lettuce, Bun. One order of HAPPY LANG already got you covered from breakfast to late lunch!

Happy Lang - Close
Happy Lang – Close
Happy Lang - Open
Happy Lang – Open

If you want something a little bit more sexy and daring, you can also try SAUSAGE NI ALJUR (189 Pesos) – Bun, Onion, Sausage, Egg, Cheese, Patty, Tomato, Lettuce, Bun. Unfortunately girls, ALJUR-not-included. Just the sausage!

But according to Kris, the store’s best seller is their CHEESE BERNAL (159 Pesos) – Bun, Mayo, Cheese Sauce, Fried Moza, Gouda, Cheddar, Patty, Tomato, Lettuce, Bun. It’s four cheese – no one can resist that!


Try also Kris’ other special burgers:

  • Dream.Believe.Survive (159 Pesos) – Bun, Bacon, Mushroom, Cheese, Patty, Ham, Tomato, Lettuce, Bun
  • Bacon Pa More (139 Pesos) – Bun, Mayo, Bacon, Bacon, Cheese, Patty, Tomato, Lettuce, Bun
  • Dapat Ka Bang PHILLY-in (189 Pesos) – Bun, Mayo, Cheese Sauce, Philly Steak, Cheese, Patty, Tomato, Lettuce, Bun


You can also have your basic burgers the way yo want it – GO NAKED or with Tomato and Lettuce. Choose from:

  • Cheese Burger (99 Pesos)
  • Double Patty (139 Pesos)
  • Triple Patty (179 Pesos)
  • 4x Patty (219 Pesos)
  • 5x Patty (259 Pesos)


I already had lunch before meeting Kris at MEAT KRIS but her burgers are so irresistible that I was tempted to finish a HAPPY LANG set. What’s really amazing with the store is the price – 99 Pesos for Cheese Burger? Imagine, we’re talking about 100% pure US Angus beef here – that’s so way economical! That’s more value for your money!

Anyway, Kris Bernal is just warming up. We might be seeing here the birth of a new celebrity restaurateur.

Can’t wait to come back there and try the other burger variants! MEAT KRIS is at CommunEATy Roces, Quezon City.


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