What makes a perfect showbiz couple?

Well there’s really no magical spell or scientific formula that promises success in any relationship (showbiz or in real life) but one thing is for sure, people can tell if the chemistry between a pair is just right and no amount of publicity stunts and social media pushes can deny or hide that basic fact.

Talking about CHEMISTRY, I just found one Kapuso couple that is oozing with it – actors Jay Arcilla and Arra San Agustin. Let’s call them #JayRa – cause ArJay sounds like a boy’s name.


Why did I made that early conclusion?

Well for one, they look good together. Jay is so ruggedly funny while Arra is very pretty, demure but laughs at all his jokes and antics so naturally. I couldn’t find a single ‘scripted’ behavior between the two and believe me, that’s the first thing I’d look for in a new Love Team.

They are so natural!

Check out the vids of my interview with them on this post and you be the judge. Here they are talking about what they like about each other:

In the interview, Arra complimented Jay as being a funny guy, a quality that she deeply admires in his former Starstruck partner while Jay played it safe and said that what she loves about Arra is her being surprisingly a “cowboy” and her commitment to her studies and ambition of becoming a Doctor someday.

Jay Arcilla and Arra San Agustin both joined Starstruck Season 6 last year and ended up in the final slots but failed to capture the title of the Ultimate Survivors!


Jay is currently with the boy group ONE UP and have also appeared in various GMA Network TV series this year like Little Nanay and Buena Familia.

Like Jay, Arra also appeared in a couple of GMA Network TV shows after Starstruck 6. She’s a Psychology Major in DLSU who plans to pursue medicine as a profession apart from showbiz.

There can be a lot of reasons (outside showbiz) that could tell us that these two shouldn’t be together – but man, they just look good together. It’s like Yin & Yang or North & South, completely opposite but they attract. And you would not want to argue with nature.

Here is #JayRa trying out the coffee experience at Caffe Pascucci last week:


The two (as a pair) will have their day on camera as a couple in the upcoming mini series USAPANG REAL LOVE (URL) on GMA Network. Here they are talking about the new show:

I am personally going to watch out for this couple’s showbiz paths. I’m gonna go oracle and predict a bright future for this two – if they play their cards right, that is.

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