Award-winning Belgium-based furniture company SixInch Design B.V.B.A. recently partnered with RGC Group of Companies (Uratex Philippines) and opened the very first SixInch Philippines showrooms last February at the Ronac Art Center Greenhills and Ronac Lifestyle Center in Magallanes.

“The place where creativity lies inside all of us is the space between our ears,  a mere 150 mm wide, or six inches.”

SixInch Philippines is out to unleash the creativity inside all of us, with a brand that allows us to tap into our dreams, our vision, our ideas – our six inches.

Constantly exploring innovative materials and progressive design, SixInch specializes in the design and manufacturing of high concept foam coated furniture and architectural products.

The showroom features their globally recognized products made in collaboration with some of the world’s most sought after designers like Pieter Jamart, Nils Van De Celen, Jason Bird, Pascale De Backer, Koen Olsen, WertelOberfell, Wim & Bob Segers and many others. Feast your senses on their awe-inspiring landscape furniture, blocks, seats, tables, bar stools, storages, chairs and many others.

Here are some of the awesome SixInch Design Furniture pieces:


All of these furniture and accents are created from specialized foam with patented coating, made to meet the demands of indoor aesthetics and also withstand the harsh outdoor environment guaranteed to last for many years.

Last Saturday (September 10), SixInch Philippines launched a weekend exhibit at the South Court of the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati City. I was able to visit the Rockwell pop-up showroom yesterday and got to see the works of their featured collaboration this month – award-winning designer Karim Rashid.


Karim Rashid

Rashid, born in Egypt and raised in Canada, is a perennial winner of the esteemed Red Dot Award, the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design award, I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review, and IDSA Industrial Design Excellence Award. He is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. Over 3000 designs in production and 300 awards in over 40 countries makes him a legend already in the design world.


He has worked for brands in various fields such as Christofle, Veuve Clicquot, Alessi, Umbra, Bobble, 3M, Bonaldo, Vondom, Artemide, Fabbian, Asus, Samsung, Citibank, Sony Ericsson, Method, Paris Baguette, Kenzo and Hugo Boss.

And now three of his SixInch furniture designs are here in the Philippines for the first time – Konvu, Grib and The River Must Flow!

“We are elated that Karim Rashid agreed to partner with us in continuing to create modernity, chicness and style in today’s modern spaces, particularly in the Philippines. His ideas will truly be great contributions to our desire to make world-class furniture available to discriminating customers in the Philippine market. We know that his furniture collection will be a big hit in the country because of its modernity in design and uniqueness, fuelled by the global acclamation his creations garnered that are truly invaluable,” shares Big Boy Cheng, President of Six Inch Philippines.

There were some news that came out two years ago that Hashid will be working with SixInch Belgium to come out with a Kama or a Love (s3x) Chair but instead we have here now in the Philippines three of his most inspired works. Let’s have a look.



Grib is a minimalist, one-directional geometric bar stool made only of powder-coated steel with upholstered cushioned seating. Remarkably uncomplicated and well-balanced. When viewed at an angle, the stool exudes a 3-dimensional visual effect which becomes a beautiful abstract accent perfect for any environment.



Konvu is a neo-modern chair made of powder-coated molded ALU metal frame with upholstered seat and backrest. The metal frame provides for a very sturdy hold at the ground and still allows for air to flow from all sides of the seat. It’s a stand alone seat best used in pairs together with or without a center table, but when arrange side-by-side together with other Konvu, the chair instantly transforms into  a very comfy bench or sofa that extends to as far as your available space allows you.



The River Must Flow is an amazing piece of coated foam sectional sofa that you can form into a river-like lounge furniture. You can have it as a one-piece plain sofa or add as many sections you like to make a dull huge space into the most awesome lounge area.

SixInch Philippines can also tailor-fit a furniture design based on your specifications. Channel your inner designer and create your very own masterpieces through SixInch Philippines!

Here are some of the people behind the company:


Visit their showrooms located at the Ronac Center along Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan City. For more about SixInch Philippines, visit www.sixinch.ph.

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