GEL is cool again!

According to new StyleX Styling Gel brand ambassador and award-winning actor-singer PAOLO AVELINO, the use of Gel has never really left. Even with the current popularity of wax and Clay, Gel has remained to be the most used hair product in the market today.

“It’s timeless,” Paolo said during the grand launch (or re-launch) of the most sought-after hair-styling brand of Splash Corporation held yesterday at the posh Felipe & Sons, Barbershop and Haberdashery outlet in El Pueblo Ortigas.


During the interview with the event’s host, TV and radio personality Sam Oh, Splash Corporation AVP and Head of Marketing Pam Sulit said,

“It’s true: gel is making a big comeback in hairstyling. Gel can help make possible a variety of hairstyles for any length. Paolo is the perfect personality to bring back the swag. He is confident and stylish but accessible and relatable. He’s a heartthrob but also a man’s man.”


Paolo, for his part, told the media in attendance,

“StyleX styling gel is cool because it gives me versatility in doing my hairstyle every day. Plus, the hold is so dependable, it lasts the whole day. So whether I’m in a shoot for hours and hours or simply hanging out with my friends for a meal, I know I can always count on StyleX to give me that swag.”

Guests were treated to free hair styling and experienced for themselves how easy StyleX is to use plus the overall cool factor of StyleX’s three variants: extreme hold, strong hold and normal hold. The hair style determines what strength hold is appropriate. The more stylized, the stronger hold needed.


Here’s my newly trimmed do courtesy of Felipe & Sons resident barber Arnold Recones and Splash’s extreme hold StyleX Gel.


Felipe & Sons’ expert stylists also performed an on the spot makeover with three models featuring three signature looks that can easily be tried at home: the brofessional appropriate for school or work, the pompadour to add style to a special date and punk for partying all night. These are just three of many distinct styles that can work to bring out anyone’s swag.


Personally, I prefer using StyleX gel over wax or clay because it’s way easier to remove with water. Even if I didn’t use a conditioner after washing, my hair is always free from the stickiness.

StyleX Styling Gel is available at all major department stores, supermarkets, drugstores and health and beauty outlets nationwide.


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