In our recent meet-up with Destiny Rose actor KEN CHAN, he said that he’s finally had a change of heart!

KEN is now on a 50/50 scale between singing and acting! Prior to doing the lead role in the hit GMA television series “Destiny Rose”, the young actor-singer was quite keen on his inclination to sing than act. Performing ballads to crowds and being a recording artist was his first love and life-long dream.

But now, Ken has finally learned to appreciate his own talent (or gift) for acting. This has made him thirsty for more acting projects and challenging roles. He has already done what a character actor would call a “dream role” by portraying a transgender in a TV series, so what’ll be the next role to keep the eager actor on his toes?


Ken Chan arrived at room 13 of Music 21 in Timog last week for a meet-up with bloggers and online friends. The activity was organized by the GMA Artist Center and aside from having a cool KTV session with the young singer-actor, it was also set-up as a simple venue to announce Ken’s latest project. His first SOLO LIVE CONCERT at Zirkoh scheduled on the 19th of August.


Ken elaborates that the concert will be called “My Destiny” which will mainly share a little bit about his life story in a series of songs from all genres. Though his kind of music may be described as contemporary ballad, Ken will be performing tunes from pop to dance and sharing the stage with 80’s local music icon Manilyn Reynes, fellow Kapuso stars Jeric Gonzales, Kim Rodriguez, Fabio Ide, RJ agustin and comedians Divine and Tammy Brown.

Ken also suggests that Destiny Rose might (or might not) make a special appearance during the concert.

Speaking of Destiny Rose, did you know that Ken Chan was once asked by an LGBT group to be their spokesperson in an event? Here’s Ken sharing that story:

The concert is also a testament that while receiving a lot of commendation for his great acting performance in Destiny Rose, the singer-actor hasn’t really forgotten his first love – SINGING.

The concert is produced by Firestarters Manila Productions and directed by Real Florido.

MORE about the concert:

Ken Chan is also part of GMA Network’s 2016 Bloggers Style Camp featuring the anti-cyber bullying #HeartOverHate campaign.

The actor revealed that he was also a victim of cyber-bullying when he was just starting in showbiz. Surprisingly, doing Destiny Rose has lessen the incidence but there are still people who can’t help but become evil monsters in social media. Ken refers to social media as a “power” or in my own words an invisible armor that somehow bullies use to hurt other people online.

Here’s a video of Ken sharing his thoughts about cyber-bullying:

MY DESTINY – Ken Chan’s first SOLO concert will be held on August 19, 9PM at Zirkoh Tomas Morato. For tickets call 09162306146, 02-3745769 or email [email protected]

Here’s Ken singing one of the old school ballad that he will be performing in the concert:


After the interview, rainCHECK asked KEN CHAN to play #2Truths1Lie with our YouTube audience and here are three things about him you probably didn’t know about:


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