From the very first time that I got to interview Kapuso actress Gabbi Garcia two years ago during a blog conference for the GMA Network TV series MY DESTINY, me and my blogger friends already saw greatness in this very talented pretty young lady.

It was in August 2014, when we first heard the name Gabrielle Garcia in the entertainment scene and she was then being introduced as the third person in My Destiny’s love triangle which includes Protege’s Ruru Madrid and skater-turned campus model Ashley Ortega. READ MORE HERE


After that show, Ruru and Gabbi became an almost permanent love team that has generated a huge fan base who kept the two together until today.

In the requel (remake and sequel) of ENCANTADIA, the love team is still very much alive as the two portrays the characters of Ybarro (Ruru) and Sang’gre Alena (Gabbi) formerly played by Dingdong Dantes and Karylle in the original 2005 version.

Last Thursday, I was invited to a special gathering of online media friends to have an exclusive meet-up with Gabbi Garcia and have an aquanaut diving experience with her at the Manila Ocean Park.


I asked Gabbi about her experiences in playing the role of Alena in ENCANTADIA and she said,

“The hardest part of playing Alena?.. siguro yun pagiging emotional n’ya. Personally, lahat ng scenes ko puro iyakan… si Alena kasi very soft-hearted, kind-hearted.. siya yun peace-maker ng group and sobrang mahinhin – sobrang hindi ako yun, hindi ako mahinhin at all (she stressed), pag nasa set ang challenge sa akin ay yun to act like a lady talaga, lahat ng bagay may emosyon, yun yong challenging for me.”


Gabbi also revealed that she has a lot of challenging fight scenes in the series as well, and urges viewers to watch out for future scenes that will highlight the Alena-Ybarro-Amihan love triangle and the entry of Hitano in the picture which promises a twist in the story that is actually not part of the original series.

Here is the rest of Gabbi’s interview, and check out a sample of her Sang’gre chant – the one that she will use to conjure her powers in the series:

The exclusive blogger event at the Manila Ocean Park was really a quite fitting event for Gabbi for two reasons:

  1. First, because she’s playing a character in Encantadia that holds the power or the element of water
  2. Second, because Gabbi in real life is a licensed scuba diver

How cool is that!

Gabbi in her aquanaut suit - the helmet is really quite heavy
Gabbi in her aquanaut suit – the helmet is really quite heavy

So the experience was actually easy-peasy for the young actress – but to us first-time aquanauts, it was at first a nerve-wracking experience.

And here’s Gabbi swimming inside the fish tank like she was actually home:

And here’s my tension-filled but extremely awesome aquanaut adventure inside a tank filled with fishes of all sizes and sting rays:

It was fun meeting one of Encantadia’s Princess in a venue surrounded by her element – water! Gabbi Garcia is indeed becoming bigger a talent as the year goes by and I can’t wait to see what the entertainment scene still has in store for this very awesome lady!



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