GMA Network reunites Starstruck Season 1 Alumni Mark Herras, Yasmien Kurdi and Katrina Halili as it  launches its newest Afternoon Prime series SA PILING NI NANAY on June 27 after Hanggang Makita Kang Muli.

Another original and intriguing family drama, SA PILING NI NANAY tackles the story of a surrogate mother and her selfless love for the daughter she carried.


Yasmien Kurdi is Ysabel, a single mother to her loving daughter Maymay. She works as a personal assistant to Scarlet, a socialite, to be played by Katrina Halili. However, Scarlet cannot bear a child so she convinces Ysabel to become their surrogate. She agrees to surrogacy because she needs money for the treatment of Maymay’s bone marrow transplant.

Yasmien Kurdi
Yasmien Kurdi

But half-way through Ysabel’s pregnancy, Maymay unexpectedly dies from an accident. Due to depression and loneliness, Ysabel breaks the surrogacy agreement, flees with the baby and decides to raise her as her own, calling her Maya in memory of her daughter who passed away.

Katrina Halili
Katrina Halili

Mark Herras, on the other hand, portrays Jonas, a bachelor who secretly has feelings for Ysabel. But his love for her turned into hatred when she took away Scarlet’s child who is also the grandchild of his aunt Matilda.

Mark Herras
Mark Herras

With Ysabel and Scarlet’s battle to win Maya, who has the real rights over the child? The mother by blood or the mother who gave birth to her? Is blood thicker than love?

Joining them are seasoned actress Nova Villa as Matilda, Scarlet’s rich mother-in-law who eagerly wants a grandchild from her; Bettina Carlos as Wanda, Scarlet’s OB/GYN friend who gave consent to her request to conduct surrogacy; Antonio Aquitania as Rod, Ysabel’s abusive live-in partner; Sofia Jayzel Cabatay as Maya, the child of Ysabel born out of surrogacy.

Sa Piling Ni Nanay is directed by Gil Tejada Jr.

Behind this engrossing drama is the creative team composed of Creative Director Roy Iglesias; Creative Head for Afternoon Prime Dode Cruz; Creative Unit Head Marides Garbes-Severino;  Creative Consultant Suzette Doctolero; Headwriter Obet Villela; Writers Jonathan Cruz, Jake Somera; Brainstormers Nehem Dallego, Gilda Olvidado, Kutz Enriquez; Concept Creator Rhona Lean Sales.

The program is another original creation of the GMA Drama group under the supervision of Senior Vice President for Entertainment TV Lilybeth G. Rasonable; Vice President for Drama Redgie Acuña-Magno; Assistant Vice President for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy; Program Manager Nini Matilac and Executive Producer Jojo Aleta.

Witness how a mother’s love can protect her child in Sa Piling Ni Nanay beginning June 27 after Hanggang Makita Kang Muli on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Yasmien Kurdi and Sofia Cabatay

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