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QUEZON, a Filipino-Spanish Buffet Restaurant located at the 2nd level of Fishermall in Quezon City, will take you to the Commonwealth Era with its old-world rustic charm, Pinoy comfort food and gourmet delicacies.

This huge restaurant incorporates classic lines and art deco pieces into its interior which spoke of classic Filipino homes, its ‘Sala’ and ‘Kusina’, during the period when the late Manuel L. Quezon became the President of the Philippine Commonwealth.

P_20160614_124131The walls are donned with various photos of President Quezon adding to the place’s nostalgic ambiance. It’s classy but homey at the same time –  the huge and roomy dining area are complemented with minimalist interior pieces, soft tones, beautiful chandeliers, awesome woodworks and paintings.


A rich backdrop for your selfies and group pics.


QUEZON BUFFET can conveniently accommodate up to 200 people. It also has a function room that can house at most 35 persons at a time. So for a mall-based restaurant, this one is fairly huge – as huge as the appetites of the people that visits it.

But don’t let the name fool you, QUEZON BUFFET has nothing to do with the late President at all. According to Corporate chef KALEL CHAN, the restaurant is the second buffet concept store born out of the culinary genius of the group that brought us GUEVARRAS in San Juan. Guevarras (Chef Laudico Guevarra’s) is located along the street of P. Guevarra while QUEZON BUFFET is the group’s first store in Quezon City – hence, the name.

Here’s our interview with Chef Kalel Chan:

QUEZON is developed as a haven for delectable cuisines that every Filipino would crave for. It is committed to provide diners of all ages an extraordinary experience of local flavors just like in traditional town fiestas, at a very affordable price.

  • Weekday LUNCH BUFFET (Monday – Friday)  – 368 Pesos
  • Weekday DINNER BUFFET (Monday – Thursday) – 468 Pesos
  • Friday Nights, Weekends and Holidays – 568 Pesos
  • Children 4ft and below gets a 50% discount
  • Babies and Toddlers are FREE

*All prices are VAT inclusive with NO service charge. No sharing and No Leftover Policy applies. 


Now isn’t that a nice, affordable treat? Let’s talk about the food!

Their signature dishes according to Chef Kalel are their carvings – roast beef, pork belly and many more.

Regarded as the centerpiece of the whole QUEZON BUFFET experience is their Lechon Baka – a savory meat roasted to perfection and served with its special sauce. This one will surely win the hearts of diners across all ages – provided that you’re heart can still take it. 🙂


Another specialty is the Spanish shrimp dish called Gambas – which is both a great appetizer and an entree at the same time.

Another Filipino-Spanish delicacy that is considered as one of the most sought after dish at QUEZON BUFFET is their Paella – a rice based dish mixed with vegetables and various seafood.


And there are a lot more dishes to choose from.  Like for example, when we went there last week – there’s Pancit Canton, Sardine Pasta, Grilled Tofu, Embutido, Crispy Kangkong, Dinakdakan, Macaroni Salad, Lumpiang Ubod, Croquetas, Gising Gising, Pinakbet, Fried Salmon Belly, Kare-Kare, Sisig, and many others.



For dessert, they have their very own Ice Cream station, Halo Halo Station, Leche Flan, Frozen Brazo, Turon with Langka and lots more.


There’s really a lot of dishes to choose from at QUEZON BUFFET, more than enough for your daily or weekly gastronomic adventures. And that’s really why people from all over go to this place during lunch and dinner time.

Ambiance is awesome! Food is great! Price is definitely… SULIT!


For reservations contact 281-2345/366-6078/0917-6783966 – LIKE them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/quezonbuffetrestaurant FOLLOW them on Twitter at @quezonbuffet or Instagram at @quezonbuffetrestaurant

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