A couple of weeks ago, Ms. Ana Manansala and my buddies from AMPR Publicity & Communications Inc. invited me to dinner along with other ‘bloggies’ who have previously engaged with the group to introduce a couple of their newest clients and basically to just have a night of great tasting food and awesome fun and games.

Speaking of great tasting food, our venue that night was at CUORE BISTRO and SOCIAL LOUNGE which is located at Jupiter Street in Makati and within walking distance from the EDSA Buendia MRT station.


CUORE is Italian for “HEART” which is basically what the restaurant is all about according to the owners, long-time friends Mau Aguasin and Rudolf Leonor.

“Heart is the center of everything here at Cuore. It’s the love of life, love of career, love for meaningful relationships and memorable moments that are the driving forces behind Cuore, its founders and all its staff. We do everything at Cuore WITH THE HEART and we like sharing that to our guests.”

The two under the Col Cuore Corporation started first with just a small cafe that eventually grew to a full service restaurant. Friends Kate So and Jeff Mariano joined the partners and officially opened to the public the CUORE BISTRO and SOCIAL LOUNGE last February 2016!

CUORE is homey, familiar yet personal, and undoubtedly welcoming. It’s perfect for intimate dinners, chill night outs, group dinners or for some alone time. The ambiance is a mix of elegant and industrial, with cool color tones of mainly blue and gray to give that cozy vibe. The furniture is mostly wood to give a warm body to the space.  It is the perfect space for any kind of bonding time and social events.

Now the food in this place is actually the most exciting part.

CUORE serves international cuisines that they tweaked a little to put in their own personal touches and gives each of them its own unique and memorable names. Every dish is beautifully plated and curated.

Here are some of the dishes that I’ve tried:

Pitas (Beef Tapa, Beef Salpicao and Spinach)
Pitas (Beef Tapa, Beef Salpicao and Spinach) – I love the salpicao!
The One That Got Away (Nacho Fries)
The One That Got Away (Nacho Fries) – well, this didn’t get away – but it was quickly gone hehe
When Our Eyes Met (Calamari)
When Our Eyes Met (Calamari) – I think two plates wouldn’t be enough especially when you have beer and good friends keeping you company
Chicken and Chips
Chicken and Chips – those chicken wings oh my! Loved it!
Fab Mama's Fave (Shrimp and Veggies Linguini)
Fab Mama’s Fave (Shrimp and Veggies Linguini) – the sauce is just right
First Date (Pesto Linguini)
First Date (Pesto Linguini with Tuna toppings)
Salads ala Cuore
Salads ala Cuore – the combination of greens is well-balanced and delicious

For desserts – Smores and Churros 🙂

Smores on Pudding – first time to taste this kind of dessert, it’s good 🙂
Mini Churros and Vanilla Ice Cream

CUORE as a Social Lounge welcomes and encourages conversations, food appreciation, social gatherings and social events. The bar serves a curated list of alcoholic beverages from beers, wine, cocktails, ciders to premium liquors – there’s something for everyone, for any kind of day and for any type of occasion.


CUORE BISTRO AND SOCIAL LOUNGE is located at 1-C Valdelcon, #20 Jupiter Street, Bel Air, Makati City. LIKE them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cuoremnl or FOLLOW them on Instagram at @cuoremnl – For Inquiries and Reservations contact 0918-902-2777


Tuesday – Thursday, Sunday (11am to 1pm)

Friday and Saturday (11am to 3am)

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