Two Sundays ago, I was invited to attend a special forum hosted by ArtisteSpace at Cafe Ysabel in San Juan! The agenda of the forum gave importance to upcoming POSITIVE CHANGE movements in Philippine education, fashion and the environment!

Key movers, international designer LILIA DIGNA ROSALES, President of the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines (FDAP) and former PUP President DR. DANTE GUEVARRA provided us with some backgrounds on what is happening and their thoughts on what is to come.

The premise was that THERE WAS A TIME when our country was once the leader in both education and fashion! We were the envy and at the same time the inspiration of our Asian brothers and sisters and we are recognized all over the world.

Philippine Fashion

Ms. Lilia Digna Rosales
Ms. Lilia Digna Rosales

“Fashion is not frivolity, but a way of life,” Ms. Rosales said during the forum relating the industry’s effort to communicate to a wider range of audience.

There’s really a lot of truth in what she said, Fashion is everywhere – from product endorsements to job applications.  It’s really a way of life and people just don’t see it like that always. To many it’s associated with just glitz and glamour but to other people it’s a necessity, a living, a lifestyle.

Ms. Rosales also bannered that the Philippines has a rich pool of talented designers. We have a balance of creative young geniuses and renowned veteran designers!

Last Month, 30 young designers participated in the butterfly-inspired fashion show and exhibit hosted by the FDAP group in partnership with the Filipino Heritage Festival and SM Megamall. The show was held on May 20th and the exhibit was scheduled two days after at the SM Megamall Activity Area.

Metamorphosis Fashion Show - Photo Courtesy of SM Megamall FB Page
Metamorphosis Fashion Show – Photo Courtesy of SM Megamall FB Page

The idea is to revive the Philippine fashion industry by boosting activities that will inspire designers to create more original pieces and be recognized for their talents. According to Ms. Rosales, we are still there at the top but we will need the support of the government and everyone to really make Philippine designs a trend.  Because right now, the industry is still being slaughtered in the market by RTWs and foreign brands.

Philippine Education

Dr. Dante Guevarra
Dr. Dante Guevarra

Dr. Dante Guevarra on the other hand shed some light on the K-12 issue which he said is a necessary CHANGE but one that is long overdue. The Philippines and the rest of the world have signed the bologna accord which is a series of meetings and agreements that started in 1998 between European countries designed to ensure comparability in the standards and quality of higher education qualifications. It was later opened up to other countries like the Philippines hence, the standardized 12 year education requirement.

Full implementation was expected by 2010 but it proved to be a hard bargain specially to private institutions and universities who will expect a huge drop on college students during the two-year transition period. This has prompted government to design safety measures and thus the delays.

But it is still nevertheless a necessary change according to Dr. Guevarra.  Another thing that should be change, he added, is our school curriculum. A complete overhaul is needed, and at some extent I do agree with what he is saying.

Dr. Guevarra said that majority of the people who have designed our present curriculum are theorists and those that have no practical teaching experience and therefore could not understand the reality of the situation inside the campuses.

For Philippine education to come close to its former glory, steps must be undertaken to ensure that both the school, its systems and the students are prepared for the standardization that we are about to face.  The right time is now, said Dr. Guevarra.

To sum up, both Ms. Rosales and Dr. Guevarra expressed optimism on the future of the country’s education system and the fashion industry.

2016 Environmental Summit

A glimpse of some POSITIVE CHANGE that are coming is the 2016 Environmental Summit and 2nd National Integrated Waste Management Exhibition which will be held at the SM Megatrade Halls from June 21 to 24.


This year’s summit will focus on the important role played by the different sectors society on strategic environmental education, environmental management and sustainable development to reduce waste, improve processes, and increase knowledge management, business value, and productivity.

As part of the opening ceremony, a Fashion Show by the FDAP will be one of the highlights of the first day!

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