It has been a series of fortunate events for GMA Artist Center’s multi-awarded singer-actress JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE last May!

IN CONTROL was a tremendous success! Julie Anne’s 10th Year Anniversary concert at the Kia Theater last May 14 has reintroduced Asia’s Pop Sweetheart to her fans as something not short of a total performer.

Gone are the days where we see her only as that cute little girl playing her guitar and singing our favorite songs – SHE may still be the same talented and kindhearted person on the inside but she’s definitely blossomed into a bold, strong and very beautiful young woman on the outside.

Speaking of becoming a young woman, Julie Anne turned 22 three days after her IN CONTROL concert – so it’s an anniversary and a birthday concert as well!


However, the real celebration happened last May 25 (Wednesday) at Dreamplay inside the City of Dreams Manila where she, together with her GMA Artist Center family and friends from the online media community, treated a bunch of young kids from Virlanie Foundation.

Despite being successful in almost everything she ventured out in, Julie Anne never forgets to thank God for everything and to share her blessings to other people especially to the underprivileged kids who are housed in institutions.


You can see the happiness in the eyes of all the kids when they saw Julie Anne San Jose in person – our 22 year-old singer joined them first for snacks and a brief encounter with Fiona and Shrek in one of the party rooms at Dreamplay. After that she joined the kids for some frozen treats near the Dreamplay Theater area and also inside Gingy’s Kitchen to learn how to bake some cookies.

Here’s a video of Julie Anne with the Kids at Dreamplay:

It was really a fun day for all the Virlanie Foundation kids, who I guess, are all first-timers at Dreamplay – heck, that was also my first time there and my two kids have not seen this place either. It’s a fun place but the tickets are not that cheap (the experience inside though is priceless) – Maybe I’m just too “Kuripot” like that. ­čÖé

I also took the opportunity to experience the attractions – will have a separate article for my Dreamplay experiences here on this blog SOON.

Anyway, after having fun with the rides and the attractions inside, we all went back to the party room where Julie Anne distributed her lootbags and gifts for the kids that included a brand new watch from Unisilver Time for each. That last group hug with the Virlanie kids was the most genuine I have ever seen for a very long time – so sad that my camera wasn’t ready to capture that moment. To see all the bright smiling faces of children around a very happy┬áJulie Anne San Jose.

More Photos:

Virlanie Kids having fun with their interactive tables
Virlanie Kids having fun with their interactive tables
Cooking with the Kids at Gingy's Kitchen
Cooking with the Kids at Gingy’s Kitchen
Julie Anne helping a child get some toppings on her frozen treat
Julie Anne helping a child get some toppings on her frozen treat
Distributing Gifts
Distributing Gifts
Getting a hug
Getting a hug

But Julie Anne San Jose truly has more things to be happy about because SHE is now officially a COLLEGE GRADUATE!

From day one that I have talked to this young woman (and you can search this blog for all my articles about her), she was always saying that her mind is already set on finishing her studies. She will balance career, school and personal life and she will get that diploma! AND SHE DID!

She’s a consistent dean’s lister at the Angelicum College taking up a Bachelor’s Degree on Communication Arts (Mass Com) and two days ago on Instagram,┬áJulie Anne posted a photo of her with a diploma and a caption that said, “Another chapter has ended, and so a new one begins”.

Here’s the post:

A photo posted by Julie Anne San Jose (@myjaps) on

In an interview we did with her at Dreamplay, Julie Anne said that she is seriously considering taking up a Masters degree and get into teaching as an alternative career – Angelicum College even offered her to teach theater in the school. ┬áBut all these decisions will have to wait as she rewards herself with a well-deserved travel┬ábreak to Europe first.

In the meantime, Julie Anne has assured us (and all her fans) of bigger things that are coming with regards to her showbiz career. For starters, she told us of a unique album in the pipeline that will include a couple of her own original songs plus another major concert is also currently on the table.

This young woman has already achieved a lot of things – more than any average showbiz personality of the same age can ever hope to gain. But JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE is anything but AVERAGE! And so I feel that we really haven’t seen her true potentials yet. It’s like something’s holding her back and maybe someday, and like a phoenix, we will see her true fire burn brightly so the whole world can see how magnificent this artist is.


We played a YouTube Game with Julie Anne San Jose right after the event – She told us three things about herself but one of it is a LIE, can you guess the LIE?

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