Titus John Monterde or more popularly known as the acoustic balladeer TJ MONTERDE is a living example of the Filipino Dream.

Born in Davao City, he went to Cagayan de Oro (CDO) to study at Xavier University with a Bachelor’s degree in Developmental Communication where he also discovered his talent and love for guitar and music. He then went on to become one of CDO’s most popular radio personality and even hosted an ABS-CBN’s regional show.

His passion for music led him to become YouTube’s soulful balladeer and to Manila – armed with just his guitar and a dream of getting his brand of music heard.


Now a lot of people might be asking who is this TJ Monterde that I am talking about. You might not know the singer that well but I bet you that you probably know the songs by heart – “Ikaw at Ako” (21.5M hits), “Tulad Mo” (3M hits) and “Sa Tuwina” (3.2M hits) which was released two years ago in the PolyEast album “Ikaw at Ako”.

Along with other original OPM pop-ballads, the songs quickly became an instant hit among the very sentimental and romantic Filipino music lovers worldwide.

Tulad Mo was a favorite background tune among viners for their pa-feel video projects.


It was my first time to meet TJ last Thursday at the PolyEast meeting room where he performed live some of his songs from his 5-track self-titled sophomore album featuring the catchy and upbeat carrier single “IMAHINASYON.”


TJ said that he prefers for people to fall in love with his songs more than him as the artist. He’s really kinda low profile but his songs are one of the best pop ballads that I have ever listened to. Especially in this new album – the songs will make you want to fall in love over and over again!

Here are the tracks:

  • Imahinasyon
  • Dating Tayo
  • Ikaw at Ako Pa Rin (featuring KZ Tandingan)
  • Kung Siya Man
  • Tulad Mo (Acoustic version)


The new album has fewer selections than the first album, but all the songs have the quality of becoming a super hit – even track number 4 “Kung Siya Man” which is a Visayan song. You’ll fell in love with this song even if you don’t understand the lyrics.

For those who don’t know yet, TJ Monterde and X Factor winner KZ Tandingan are an off-camera couple. Track number 3 “Ikaw At Ako Pa Rin” is their first collab – I love this song very much! It’s so positively uplifting!


Here is TJ Monterde talking about his relationship with KZ during last Thursday’s media conference at PolyEast:


“Dating Tayo” at “Kung Siya Man” are the most emotional songs in the new album. These are Cry-worthy songs that anyone can relate to!

The tracks are now available digitally on iTunes and on CDs at leading record stores nationwide!


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