For most people, especially the hard-working Filipinos, every workplace is like a battlefield and every week can be a gruesome battle at work and travelling through the heavy traffic of EDSA and C5! A stressful work-week indeed that no amount of coffee can ever mend.

Now if you work in Quezon City (or live there), there’s a new place in the far-off end area of Congressional Avenue (near Luzon and Commonwealth) where you can just chill, unwind and re-arm for your next battles!

The Armory facade


Owned and operated by GMA Artist Center’s premiere actor and hunk MARTIN DEL ROSARIO, The Armory is a two-floor rugged, barracks-themed bar and grill restaurant that offers a different kind of after-work or after-school venue to recharge or cap-off an eventful day with a relaxing activity in the company of good friends.

The venue is divided into two parts:

THE BUNKER is the first floor of the Armory.  It is a restaurant that complements its subtlety with the wide variety of cocktails tended right at the counter and the delicious food choices delivered to your table by the accommodating staff. It’s a friendly place for some chillaxin’, but you can have fun here, too, with a beer pong table and a DJ playing some cool beats on the side.

The Bunker logo

The Bunker counter

THE ARMORY (Proper) is the second floor. This is where the real shindig happens. While hard liquor, beer, and cocktails are served here, the DJs make the other reason why it’s worth the sneaking. One of the city’s hottest DJ groups, Impact Manila – who plays at Black Market, Aracama, and at “Happy Thursday” joints – is a regular DJ here. So, expect nothing but the ultimate jams when they’re manning the booth!

'The Armory'

“You’ll have a different kind of drinking experience at The Armory. It’s actually the first time that a bar in Quezon City is serving craft cocktails,” says Martin del Rosario, whose first time it is to get into a “major” type of business. “From the military warehouse theme to the accommodating staff, too, we’ll make sure everyone up north who decides to drop by will have a great time!” he added.

THE BUNKER is open all days of the week, while THE ARMORY is only open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Both “The Bunker” and “The Armory” have each day of the week tailor-fit for any partygoer’s mood.

These are Dropout Wednesday, which caters to students on a budget but would like to take a good mid-week break from school; #Squadgoals Thursday, which invites barkadas looking for some turned-up get-together; Ambush Friday, which provides surprise promos to make sure the weekend is welcomed with a bang; and Suicide Saturday, which seals the deal for a legit, lit night-out.

The student-friendly promos are perfect for students coming from Diliman-Katipunan like UP Diliman, Miriam, Ateneo, FEU-NRMF, Philippine School of Business Administration, among others; and Sampaloc like UST, FEU, University of Manila, San Beda College, and San Sebastian College – Recoletos, and more.

Martin Del Rosario
Martin Del Rosario

Stuck up north yet thirsting for some awesome party escape? Check out The Armory, a bar and grill alternative for those looking for the best party experience in the norther part of the city!

The Armory is located at Congressional Ave. Quezon City alongside Brewing Point Neighborhood Café, Chimes Square, and Box Park, among other cool, new joints in the area.

The Armory




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