On the 5th Level of the newly-built extension of the Gateway Mall in Cubao, lies a hall for the arts that is currently housing 30 murals about the history of the Philippines made by some of the most prominent masters like Bencab, Imao, Mananquil and many others.

The exhibit is called SININGSAYSAY and the place is GATEWAY GALLERY!


Apparently, the gallery and this exhibit has been around since early 2015 which means that I should get out and read other people’s blog more. 🙂

Well anyway, for those who have not visited the gallery yet and want to see the many different images depicting the history of the Philippines, the place is open from 11am to 7pm every day.

Aside from the depictions of certain historical periods, there are also murals devoted to the following topics:

  • History of labor
  • Women in Revolution
  • The Filipino Chinese Culture

To give you a glimpse of the exhibit, here are the photos that I’ve taken when I visited the Gateway Gallery (not in chronological order):

We must all remember that in viewing the works of art included in the Siningsaysay exhibition, we are visiting the mind and heart of the artists.  We are looking through his eyes and spirit as he tells the story from what he believe is the essence of that period that he is trying to capture.

It is not meant to relay historical facts but like my photos above, a glimpse of what had happened in the past only.


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