Happiness this summer is spelled with only five letters: W A T E R

The scorching heat of the summer sun is reason enough to take a break from everything and head out to some place where there’s an endless supply of water and get wet all day.

A place that welcomes both the Thalassophile adventurers and the pool thrill seekers – a place like the one that we visited last Thursday in Calatagan, Batangas called AQUARIA WATER PARK.


Developed by Landco and managed by the same group that manages the Punta Fuego Resorts, AQUARIA WATER PARK is a tropical wonderland built within the Playa Calatagan Residences. 525 meters of fine white sandy beaches and a state-of-the-art resort facility that offers five different cove pools and a giant three-storey water slide that families will definitely enjoy.


Our grand tour at AQUARIA was facilitated by the cool people from Fuego Hotels & Properties Management Corporation headed by Sir Benedict and Senior Creative Marketing Assistant Ms. Ella Simo.


Ben is the one on your left, Ella is the one on the right of course – unfortunately I forgot the name of the ‘bossing’ at the center. Too much beach fun sometimes make me forget names.

Anyway, let me give you a run down of what to expect when you visit AQUARIA this summer, let’s start with the beach.


White sands, a couple of trees, the sun and the sea – what else do you need!


At AQUARIA though, they added a couple of exciting (and thrilling) features to make your stay at their beach even more memorable.

Play soccer and beach volleyball – they have the wide space and facilities for that and more. Hit the water and experience some extreme fun with awesome water rides like the Banana Boat, Kayak, Buzz Bomb, Jet Ski and Pedal Boat.







Swim and play all day, take photos of the beautiful beach and take countless of selfies and groupfies while doing all of the wonderful water activities.



And then cap your visit by watching the magnificent sunset as the day ends!


Also found on the beach of AQUARIA is THE SANDS restaurant that offers all kinds of drinks and delightful dishes that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater.

It’s a feast! Choose from their best sellers Bilao Fiesta (only 695 pesos/good for 5 person) or the Seafood Fiesta (only 795 pesos/good for 5 person). Both platters include 5 cups of rice, served with salted egg, talong, kamatis and bagoong alamang.

Here’s what our feast looks like last Thursday:

Bringing in food and drinks are allowed but with a corkage fee of 100 pesos per head.

There are also a couple beach front cabanas that you can rent for the whole day at 1,200 pesos only.



Now the Aquaria pool is an inter-connected water park that can go as deep as 6 feet (the water slide drop zone).


There are two dedicated pool areas that are 5 feet deep and the rest are just knee-deep (3 feet) plus a kiddie water playground filled with fountains near the Welcome Center.


The centerpiece of the Aquaria Water Park pool area is its 3-storey giant water slide that provides endless water fun for the whole family.


Majority of the cabanas are located in the pool area.

Small groups of 8-10 person can rent the Cove Pool Cabanas for only 1,700 pesos while bigger groups will only need to add 300 pesos to enjoy the Resort Pool Cabanas that can fit up to 15 people.


Yes, the AQUARIA bath house deserves a special mention on my blog.

There are a couple of shower areas located near the pool and beach plus a comfort room at the beach front. That is so ordinary right? But wait till you see their huge bath house located near the Welcome Center that feels a lot like a spa or the locker & shower area at Madison Square Garden.


By the way, lockers are available with a rental fee of 150 pesos for the whole day.

A perfect and uber relaxing way to end an Aquaria Water Park visit.


If you’re wondering why I did not mention any room rates, it’s because the Aquaria Water Park overnight accommodation is still yet to be built.

But don’t fret because the Nautilus (that’s what they’re calling their resort hotel) has already broken ground and it is expected to be completed by next summer!



The resort for the meantime is open daily except Tuesdays from 8am to 6pm only.

Here are the rates this summer:

  • Weekdays – 600 Pesos
  • Weekends – 800 Pesos
  • Kids 4ft and below – 50% Off

Large Group Discount – 25% Off (10 or more persons)

Remember to wear proper swimming attire – bathing suits, board shorts, rash guards or swimming trunks.

Forgot your towel or need an extra shirt? Aquaria got you covered, they’re selling that at the Welcome Center.


For those staying overnight, Aquaria has a camp site area but guests will have to bring their own tents. There are also lodging areas nearby if you want a cozier environment for a good night’s sleep.


Aquaria Water Park is a three-hour drive from Metro Manila via South Luzon Expressway, Sta. Rosa, Tagaytay, Nasugbu and Calatagan.

Your landmark is Lago De Oro and the Calatagan Municipal Hall. Turn left at M. Apacible.

For commuters, ride a bus going to Tagaytay-Lian and go down 7-11 Lian (152 pesos). Ride a bus going to Calatagan Public Market (30 pesos). Lastly, ride a tricycle to Aquaria Water Park (150 – 200 pesos/ special trip).

For inquiries and reservations call 02-553888 or email [email protected] LIKE AQUARIA on Twitter at @aquariaph and Instagram at @aquariawaterpark

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  1. Hi, I would like to ask If did you make reservations prior visiting the resort? Also they only serve for 5 oax at the restaurant? Are they asking additional charges If ever we set up tents for over night or is automatically equivalent to 2 day tour pass? Thanks!


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