There has been a lot of things said – bad and good – about Zach Snyder’s Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice which recently opened in cinemas here in Manila.

Let us remember that all reviews are subjective and are most of the time (if not always) influenced by personal biases – whether we admit it or not. For example, when rapper-songwriter Gloc 9 sang in one of Binay’s campaign rally, the “Anti-Binay” groups made their position (biases) clear in social media and bashed the poor artist to kingdom come.

Objectivity kicks in later but RARELY.


And so, on that note, I waited a couple of days before coming out with my own review, and here are my (partially objective) thoughts about the film:

  • First of all, the BATMAN on BVS is completely different from Nolan’s version of the Dark Knight. And in all honesty, I kinda like Snyder’s Batman more. The Dark Knight’s first appearance on this film totally described who he is in the eyes of Gotham’s criminals and why he’s feared by all. He is over-powering, brilliant and very resourceful. Nolan’s Batman wouldn’t last 60 seconds with the Man of Steel – the “Ben Affleck” Batman was established excellently by Snyder to be the right match to Henry Cavill’s Superman.
  • Batman V Superman is a sequel to the Man Of Steel which Snyder directed three year’s ago. If you’re one of those who despised that version of Superman  in 2013, then I would expect that you wouldn’t like this version as well. But for those who did, you are in for a treat and also a heart break. Those who already watched the movie will know what I meant by that.
  • If you’re comparing BVS (and the upcoming Justice League franchise) to the Avengers film series, PLEASE STOP! It would be unfair to both films. You won’t find the wit and humor of the Avengers in Snyder’s DC universe which has a more serious and dark undertone. I appreciate the effort of the writers and the whole BVS production team in making the distinctions clear.
  • I did however disliked that the whole film was made literally DARK. I understand that it adds drama, but they could have spared some scenes from the theatrics and gave us some real visible graphic action. This is why I can never give their CGI a plus-plus rating because I did not see it out of the shadows enough to appreciate it.
  • Fight scenes were great! And like I said, it would’ve been something phenomenal if viewers saw 50% of it in the light.
  • Snyder also did an excellent job in stitching together a couple of DC’s successful graphic novels like “The Death of Superman” by Dan Jurgens and “The Dark Knight Returns” by Frank Miller. I also enjoyed a glimpse of the Justice League origins (New 52 version) which also kinda reminded me of the graphic novels of the “Legion of Superheroes” primarily because of the Logos.
  • I can say that the movie was direct-to-the-point and dead SERIOUS. It also pays homage to the Justice League triumvirate – the most powerful among DC Universe characters: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.
  • My favorite scene in the movie was that wee little smile of Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) while fighting Doomsday – which actually defines the Amazon Princess’ character in the film. It’s like she’s saying “Whoa! Now this is going to be a good fight and I am going to enjoy beating you to the pulp!”
  • Jesse Eisenberg is a reminiscent of Alexander Luthor Jr., the son of Earth III’s Lex Luthor in DC’s revolutionary 12-part maxi series “Crisis On Infinite Earths.” Both Luthors are the good guys of Earth III. But in Batman V Superman, Jesse is not only VERY BAD but was also established as the BEST criminal mastermind of the DC Universe.

There were a lot of candy crumbs distributed all over the film which gives viewers some hints on what is to come in the series. Here’s a hint, something really DARK is coming and it has some similarities with the upcoming X-Men movie. 🙂

Special thanks to Coms360 and PageOne.PH for the Batman V Superman movie treat.


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