The scent of paper and the southern country feel makes the SMX Convention Center a perfect venue for the Fujifilm Philippines INSTAX & CRAFTS Afternoon Party and Workshop last Tuesday!

Hosting the event was blogger Janena Chan with special celebrity guest, blogger and long-time Instax user Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

Janena Chan and Jasmine Curtis-Smith
Janena Chan and Jasmine Curtis-Smith

For sentimental folks like me, SCRAPBOOKING will never go out of style – and so are actual photos on paper. I have around four bags-full of mementos and priceless memories at home each one waiting to be explored every time I get a chance. Old concert tickets, post cards, hundreds of photos on paper, and many other trinkets from special life events and experiences.

Takuya Maeda, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Janena Chan
Takuya Maeda, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Janena Chan

While Facebook and other social networking sites makes it easier for people nowadays to collect memories via a digital platform, there is still none compared to the feeling of actually holding in your hands and seeing and smelling all the knickknacks for real – you get that special high as memories rushes through your brains and that feeling is priceless.

Fujifilm Philippines understood what that meant to people and so they are pushing the envelope further by introducing what the Instax camera can do to make scrapbooking traditionally the same as it was done in the past but making it easy for us to add in some images in the craft.

To give participants a taste of how Scrapbooking is made even more fun with Instax Cameras, Fujifilm Philippines set up three stations inside the venue that offers assistance to everyone and most especially to the first-timers.

Washi Tapes
Washi Tapes
Custom Lettering
Custom Lettering
  • STAMP STATION – provides participants with various stamp options and ink colors.
  • WASHI TAPE STATION – provide participants with washi tapes of different designs and sizes
  • CUSTOM LETTERING STATION – assists participants with writing in words to their scrapbooks

On our table are a couple accordion papers, photo books, DIY calendars and various Instax & Crafts materials like colored pens, scissors and glue.


Now adding photos on your scrapbook is as easy as A P P… yup, just download the InstaxShare App on your mobile devices, select your photos from either your phone’s image folder or from your social media site, ask for the Instax Share Printer bluetooth access code from the roving InstaxShare assistants and print your photos instantly!


Fujifilm is not giving up yet on actual photo paper. And with the Instax Camera Special Summer Package that they are unveiling to the market, there are now more reasons to go Instax Crazy on actual photos.

The Instax & Crafts campaign will begin in Manila on April 2, followed by Cebu on April 16 and Davao on May 7. The roadshow and DIY sessions will feature the following Instax Cameras and Accessories:

  • Instax Mini 7s (3,699 Pesos)
  • Instax Mini 8 (4,999 Pesos)
  • Instax Hello Kitty (5,999 Pesos)
  • Instax Mini 70 (7,499 Pesos)
  • Instax WIDE 300 (7,499 Pesos)
  • Instax Share Printer (9,990 Pesos)

We have the Mini 8 Yellow at home but I really love the RED one! 🙂


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