When singer-composer and actor-comedian OGIE ALCASID left GMA Network’s Bubble Gang for TV5 in 2013, this left a hole in the longest running gag show in the Philippines and sparked a decision that is now changing the lives of the show’s mainstay actors BOY2 QUIZON, ANTONIO AQUITANIA, RJ PADILLA and ROADFILL SPARKS of Moymoy Palaboy.

Collectively known now as P.A.R.D. they formally launched today their self-titled debut album which contains all of their five impressive musical ventures featuring collaborations with the local music industries top producers of different musical genres from pop, EDM to Reggae.


You may have heard or seen four of the songs already featured in Bubble Gang since 2014 like “Kwek Kwek Song”, “Hug”, “Saging” and “Hugot” – it is no surprise that top music production companies like PolyEast Records will take interest in getting their brand of music out in CDs and digital formats.

Not mainly because of the personalities behind the group P.A.R.D. but because of the quality of sound and video that they have produced.

Regardless of the witty and double-meaning lyrics, the execution and over-all production which are all born from the group’s collective talents, are really quite impressive.

The P.A.R.D. CD which I got during our interview with the “not boyband” group a week ago contains two CDs, one for audio and the other is for the music videos.



The carrier single of the collection “Huli Ka Balbon” is their most latest production which already features a fifth member, actor PAOLO CONTIS.

Paolo Contis
Paolo Contis

Paolo joins the group late after filling-in the hole that Ogie Alcasid left in Bubble Gang.

He first starred in the P.A.R.D. music video SAGING featuring Dash Calzado (their third single out early in 2015). From then on, Paolo became part of the group and co-produced HUGOT featuring Michael V and the latest song HULI KA BALBON.

Here’s the official music video of Huli Ka Balbon:

All P.A.R.D. members are hands-on in making the videos and they are indeed seriously well-made. People will have a hard time attaching the word ‘novelty’ in the songs because they are not – the songs and its videos are even way better than most of the locally made ‘serious’ pop songs currently in play in cable TV right now.

The videos were shot in different locations that highlighted the beauty of the Philippines like in Camarines Sur (Huli Ka Balbon), Vigan (Saging), Caramoan Islands (Hugot) and Tagaytay (HUG).


P.A.R.D will be going out on mall tours to promote the album so be sure to LIKE their official FB page for updates www.facebook.com/wearePARD

You may also download and listen to all the songs in the album on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spinnr, eMusic, Starzik and Qobuz. The album is out now in all record bars.

Here are the rest of our interview with P.A.R.D.:



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