CHRISTMAS is the best time for eggnogs and hot chocolates, a hot cup of coffee on the other hand is BEST anytime of the year!

A lot of people know that I have a long-time love affair with coffee. It was a relationship that I have tried so hard to break for so many years now and have succeeded only to bring it to several ‘cool-off’ events.

And just like most thing that are pleasurable, coffee-drinking has turn into a huge habit of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I do not regret developing my love for coffee, in fact I have already come to terms that it has now really became a part of my life (and lifestyle). But also in most things (even water), moderation is needed so that it will not turn into something that is detrimental.

So, moderation and variety it is!

Just this year, I have gotten hooked on drinking the MORE CREAM-based instant coffee mixes in the market today. Yes, it is really very delicious and addicting but it has also contributed in making my mid-section love handles more prominent – especially with those popular MILK-based 3-in-1 coffee mix brands.

A couple of days ago, I received via courier this package of LUWAK WHITE KOFFIE as gift.

white koffie 2

My first thoughts was this is another one of those MORE CREAM-based instant coffee, but I was wrong.

The BIG Difference

I have noted several differences of LUWAK WHITE KOFFIE from the instant coffee mix currently in our kitchen cabinet:

  • You may have heard in coffee shops that Indonesian Coffee Beans as one of the most sought after because of its full-bodied, rich taste with LOW ACIDITY and long aftertaste. Well, LUWAK WHITE KOFFIE is blended the same way.
  • It offers drinkers the milder taste of black coffee with its cream-to-sugar-to-coffee ratio.
  • Unlike the other 3-in-1, Cream or Milk-based and White Coffee brands in the market today, the  taste of the coffee is not lost in the mix. You’ll still taste that authentic yet mild bitter taste of coffee that we know and love.

Rather than changing the formula for white coffee completely, LUWAK WHITE KOFFIE simply tweaked it to make the drinking experience a lot more fulfilling and a lot more memorable. While keeping the creaminess associated with white coffee, the brand – more importantly – keeps the rich, otherwise bitter, flavor of good authentic coffee.

white koffie 1

The blend is not smooth-looking since you’ll see that some of the cream dissolves a bit slower than usual – however the taste is far more better than what it looks like!

Here are the ingredients indicated on the package:

  • Non-Dairy Creamer (Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oil, Sodium Caseinate, Emulsifier, Stabilizer, Anti-Caking Agent, Color)
  • Sugar
  • Soluble Low Acid Coffee

white koffie 3

For those who wants cream and sugar on their coffee, without totally losing the authentic taste of coffee in the process – LUWAK WHITE KOFFIE is a must try for you!

Not yet convinced? Go and ask Lee Min Ho! 😛


LUWAK WHITE KOFFIE is distributed in the Philippines by Reddimart Multi-Resources, Inc. For MORE about the brand VISIT their webpage at www.reddimart.ph

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