Flying somewhere or just looking for a cool place in Metro Manila to hang out for awhile and have a good night’s sleep? I am so happy to recommend NICHOLS AIRPORT HOTEL as a thank you for giving me MY BEST UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP in years!

Nichols Airport Hotel

Nichols Airport Hotel is a 3-Star Hotel located along Quirino Avenue in Baclaran, Paranaque City – just a couple of blocks away from the Redemptorist Road (Baclaran Church), Baclaran LRT Station (give or take an additional 20 minutes during the holidays because of heavy foot traffic) and only 5 minutes away (again on a good day) from the Manila Domestic and International Airports.

Its close proximity to the airport makes it an ideal place to spend the night (or day) before your scheduled flight – you’ll never worry about being late anymore and looking for a place to stay when your flight gets cancelled or delayed will never be part of the stressful situation. You can even walk your way to the terminals but you need not do that because Nichols Airport Hotel has its own transportation service that can take you to and from the airport fast and easy.

Nichols Airport Hotel is owned and operated by the Protacio family headed by the patriarch Dr. Antonio Protacio, who, by the way, also owns the Protacio Hospital adjacent to the hotel building. There is actually a walkway at the second floor of the Nichols Airport Hotel that leads to the hospital building – Talk about COMFORT and SAFETY in just one place!

Anyway, my visit last week to this 15 year-old hotel led me to try their new family room at the recently constructed 5th floor wing of the hotel.

Nichols Airport Hotel

Yes, I am ALL ALONE and I have the whole TRIPLE capacity FAMILY ROOM for myself! So very spacious plus the view is super awesome! But I figured that the view was even more magnificent a year ago before the City of Dreams Hotel construction – because Hyatt, Novu and Crown is blocking some of the hotel’s view of Manila Bay.

The 8-story Nichols Airport Hotel boasts of 70 well-designed rooms (some modern, some classic) all with cable televisions and clean bathrooms complete with hot and cold showers.

The old rooms reminded me of the resort-type rooms in Batangas and Bataan. It’s simple, spacious and clean.  But if you want to stay at something that has a more modern feel, I suggest you book for their newly constructed family suites.

I really love my room at 543 – it has a single bed and a queen size bed which makes it a perfect room for a group of three. Aside from the TV, the room also has its own mini ref plus an enormous toilet and bath area. The room rate is at 4,087.00 Pesos complete with Free 2 Sets Breakfast, Free Wifi and Airport Pick Up.

TIP: When booking for a room at Nichols Airport Hotel, check their webpage or call and inquire if they have a promo – you can get as much as 30% discount on room rates when the promo is ON.

Here are the rest of the ROOMS and their corresponding RATES:

  • Superior (Single/Twin) – 2,998.00 Pesos
  • Premier (Single/Twin) – 3,450.00 Pesos
  • Family Room (Triple) – 4,087.00 Pesos
  • Family Room (Quad) – 4,952.00 Pesos

*Add 700 for an extra person

Another interesting thing about the Nichols Airport Hotel is the simplicity of the place. For example:

  • The Hotel Lobby is called ‘The Hotel Lobby’
  • The Coffee Shop located at the lobby area is called “The Coffee Shop”
  • The Rooftop Terrace Bar is called the “Roofbar”
  • The Hotel’s In-House Spa Service is called “The Nichols Spa”
  • The Hotel’s Function Room is called… well, you get the idea. 🙂

You can never go wrong or get lost with those names, right?

Another cool thing about Nichols Airport Hotel are these fishes:

The Roofbar

Anyway, at dinner time, our lovely host Riza De La Fuente, the General Manager of Nichols Airport Hotel treated us to a wonderful feast for all our senses at the Roofbar.

Nichols Airport Hotel

It was an open bar party complete with some of The Roofbar’s delectable dishes like Cream of Squash, Nichols Salad, Callos a la Madrilena, Steak Charlemagne, Gambas a la Molinera, Steamed Lapu Lapu, Caramelized Banana and Canonigo. Their Frozen Margarita is so smooth, by the way.

It was a very clear night and with an almost 360 degrees roof top view, the Roofbar is indeed the most perfect spot to go and see the best of Southern Metro Manila. The city is so peaceful and relaxing when you’re viewing it from the top of Nichols Airport Hotel.

The Roofbar can accommodate up to 120 people at one time and is open for booking for various events preferably scheduled in the late afternoon and at night, and during the dry season.

The Roofbar is also the perfect space for Plane Spotting in the morning and of course watching fireworks display in the evening especially during the holidays and the new year.

Function Room

As an alternative to The Roofbar for the rainy season and for activities scheduled in the morning and the early afternoon, Nichols Airport Hotel also has a function room at the 6th Floor that can accommodate up to 100 people.

Before retiring that night, Nichols Airport Hotel also gave us a free sample of their in-house Spa services. For only 600 Pesos you get either their regular massage (a combination of swedish and shiatsu) or the traditional Pinoy massage with virgin coconut oil.

Plane Spotting

In the morning, after a good night’s rest, I went to the Roofbar again to do some plane spotting – and the promise was correct! Nichols Airport Hotel indeed is the best Plane Spotting venue in the metro!

Nichols Airport Hotel

The Coffee Shop

For breakfast, I ordered a plate of Tocino, Egg, Rice and a cup of coffee at The Coffee Shop.

This is one the most relaxing hotel experience that I have ever had. Of course I am just a simple traveler who only have simple needs – but with regards to cleanliness, comfort, view, food and the over-all experience – NICHOLS AIRPORT HOTEL is a place that I would highly recommend to friends and fellow wanderers.

NICHOLS AIRPORT HOTEL is located at 484 Quirino Avenue, Baclaran Paranaque City Metro Manila.  FOR RESERVATIONS CALL: +632-8-8543399 / +632-8-8528659 / +632-8-8518348 / +63917-8508624

For more details VISIT their website at www.nicholsairporthotel.com.ph / LIKE them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nichols.hotel or FOLLOW them on Twitter at @nicholshotel and Instagram at @nicholsairporthotel and use the hashtags #bestviewinmanila #ManilasBestKeptSecret  

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