According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sleep deprivation is slowly becoming a growing public health concern.

Insufficient sleep increases the likelihood of acquiring chronic diseases and has a direct relevance on an individual’s level of performance.


In addition to health problems, lack of sleep is also linked to road accidents, occupational errors, and other industrial disasters. It also increases the likelihood of an individual developing depression.

“Many of us consider sleeping as a mundane part of our lives that we fail to see its significance on our well-being,” says Uratex Philippines Corporate Sales Director Dindo Medina. “When we think of sleep, the first thing that jumps on us is that it is a way for us to recharge after a long day. But it is definitely more than that.”

The Philippines ranks the highest in Southeast Asia in terms of people getting the lowest average of sleep. According to a study, half of Filipinos sleep less than six hours a day.

“There are a lot of reasons behind sleep insufficiency,” explains Medina. “These can be societal factors like having constant access to technology, personal reasons such as work schedules, and uncomfortable sleeping environments.”

Helping improve the sleeping habits of Filipinos has always been the mission of sleep specialist Uratex Philippines. As the leading manufacturer of high-quality mattresses and foam products, the local brand applies advanced research and technologies to its products to provide consumers with better sleeping environments.

How cool environment can make you fall asleep faster

“Creating an ideal sleeping environment is more complicated than it seems. There is actually a science behind it,” Medina expresses.

Experts says that the temperature of your environment can affect how well you sleep. According to a study, the brain sets a point for body temperature to adjust when you sleep. When your body cools down, it induces sleep. If you are in a cooler environment, your body will be able to adjust easier and help you fall asleep faster.

“Uratex presents exciting collections for a cool sleeping experience. The Airlite Foam Mattress uses the innovations from the Sleep Cool Technology. It combines the best of both worlds: open cell foam and 3D Spacer Fabric, strategically designed to let air flow freely, giving you a cool sleep,” Medina said. “For a refreshingly cool sleep, we recommend you to try the latest collection by Uratex Premium Mattress: the Senso Memory Ultima. It is revolutionary mattress infused with Hydragel® gel beads that lowers the body temperature up to 2ºC, helping you sleep faster. Using special Memory foam, it offers plush comfort, relieving you pressure points. More importantly, the Senso Memory Ultima is treated with Sanitized®, formulated to effectively protect against dust mites, mildews, molds, and bed bugs.”


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