Actor-Politician MARK LAPID is running as a Senatorial Candidate for the Liberal Party with Mar Roxas as President and Leni Robredo as Vice President.

Well technically, he was more a politician than an actor.

His father – LITO LAPID on the other hand, is more popular as an action star than a politician with almost a hundred films (or maybe more) credited to his name since the early 70s.

Who would forget the movie characters Leon Guerrero, Geronimo, Julio Valiente and Ben Tumbling. The Lapid patriarch may not be that popular as an incumbent Senator of the Philippines, but he is still very much an accomplished politician who served the province of Pampangga as Vice Governor and Governor before running for the Senate in 2004.



In his own words, Mark Lapid said that he is the better version of his father.

The 35 year-old former Governor of Pampanga (2004-2007) and the actor who made the dialogue “Saging lang ang may puso” from the 2006 film ‘Apoy Sa Dibdib Ng Samar’ one of the most memorable line in the Philippine entertainment industry – has not only followed the footsteps of his father but also devoted himself to become better in every way and especially as a public servant.

Prior to announcing his candidacy for the senatorial race which he applied for with the Liberal Party (Koalisyon Ng Daang Matuwid), he was with TIEZA or the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority formerly the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) of the Department of Tourism (DOT).

I had the chance to meet and talk with Mark Lapid last Friday at his LOCAVORE Restaurant in Pasig City together with other online media for a casual bloggers conference. Another of Mark’s attempt to be the better LAPID as he tries to connect with people to make his plans known and lay down the agenda that he will push in the Senate when he gets elected.


To make it easier for all of you, I have captured all his thoughts and summarized it in bulleted one-liners below:

  • His main reason for joining the Senatorial race next year is to push for more TOURISM reforms in the form of legislation.
  • He WILL support the FOI and ANTI-DYNASTY BILL.
  • Mark Lapid believes that TAX INCENTIVES given to foreign investors will benefit the Philippine Tourism Industry.
  • After TOURISM, Mark ranked Peace and order as a second priority when he gets elected as Senator.
  • Mark believes that with regards to Philippine entertainment, the industry should focus on improving their products and on an aggressive marketing strategy that will showcase Pinoy talents to the rest of the world – just like what our ASEAN neighbors are doing.
  • Mark also stressed that he will be supporting Senator Lito Lapid’s pending bills like the Biometrics Law and Free Legal Assistance Act.

MARK LAPID said that his brief stay in TIEZA has brought him many challenging but very rewarding experiences, from rehabilitating or restoring old relics, building new tourist destinations and providing solutions to tourism-related problems.

But THERE IS MORE TO BE DONE, that is why he is very much determined and hopeful that he could win a spot in the 2016 roster of the Philippine Senate.


MY POV: Personally, I believe that aside from agriculture – TOURISM is a major lifeblood of the Philippine economy. Even when our country is getting a substantial financial boost by sending our workforce to foreign lands, I believe that we should not consider separating families for the sake of progress (personal or otherwise) as a strength but instead as a temporary show of weakness that we should learn to do away with. The TOURISM industry here in the Philippines has a lot of potentiality to make that dream a reality – 7,107 islands of unexplored possibilities. However, those who will be pushing for tourism reforms should put safeguards so that our people and our land will not be exploited. Tax Incentives, I believe is a necessary tool to bring in more investments, but it does not provide any other guidelines that safeguard the Filipino people’s interest – only the interest of the foreign investors are clear in this aspect. Mark Lapid’s heart is initially in the right place with regards to this matter but I will need to wait for a more detailed content on the key priority element of his campaign in the Senate. Which I believe that we will see in the months to come. The best of luck to you sir MARK LAPID!  




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