GMA Network released last November 14 a new music video on Youtube and MYX featuring the song AKO NA LANG ANG BIBITAW by MARICRIS GARCIA, Pinoy Pop Superstar grand champion and one of the members of the now disbanded LA DIVA.

The video and song tells about an open-ended story of a couple who fell out of love and are on the verge of letting go.

Speaking of couples, Maricris is with Kapuso actor Enzo Pineda in this video who goes daring dramatic in some of the scenes that are suggestive of some steamy interaction between the two.

Maricris Garcia
Maricris Garcia

Here are what people are saying about the music video on YouTube:

  • “Yes this is it. Tagal kung inantay to. Sobrang ganda. Soooooothinggg parin si maricris kumanta. Boom!!!” – Nathan Quiling
  • “Pinakahihintay ko to. Tagusan tlaga. Shet ang ganda promise .. i really love it ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜š keep it up.” – Enrique Baluntac
  • “Grabe ang ganda ng kanta mo po…buti nmn meron kana ulit kanta…sarap tlg pakinggan ng boses mo.” – Jonztian Raymundo
  • “Ang sexy ni maricris at maganda sa marimar at ang gwapo ni enzo!!” – Jane Sjonbotn c

Here’s the official video of AKO NA LANG ANG BIBITAW:

The Voice Behind The Song

Maricris Garcia started her career in 2007 after winning the 3rd season of Pinoy Pop Superstar.

Her fame came after reviving the song “Mahal Kita” which later became the love anthem of the 2007 Kapuso TV series MARIMAR which stars Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera.

Incidentally, the hit song also brought Maricris her first studio album entitled MAHAL KITA.


The whole thing is really a bit ironic since Maricris is now part of GMA Network’s 2015 version of MARIMAR as an actor together with Megan Young and Tom Rodriguez.

Aside from being one of the actress in the show she also once again sang the love theme INIIBIG KITA. And now she’s gearing up for the release of her second solo album!

It’s like history has repeated for this very talented Kapuso singer after 8 years!


The Inspiration Behind The Song

AKO NA LANG ANG BIBITAW was an accident, Maricris Garcia tells RainCHECK during a casual afternoon date at Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop in Quezon City.

Maricris shares that her first encounter with the song was at the 5th Floor staircase of the GMA Recording Studio while pouring her heart out to a friend because of some relationship issues with her non-showbiz boyfriend. It was a heartbreak moment that sparked some inspiration after hearing a song that reflects her current state of ย the heart being mixed on and on in one of the studios.

A few weeks after, the GMA Post Production calls and asked Maricris to sample and record the song – she was very delighted but also a bit apprehensive since at that time the heartbreak was over because she and her boy friend are now in good terms already. So to be able to sing the song, she has to always look back and feel that very moment at the 5th Floor.



AKO NA LANG ANG BIBITAW was supposed to be released as an internet content only but the song was so good that they decided to release it digitally and then make it a full single with a music video as well.

It was all just by accident, but just like what the turtle Oogway said in Kung-Fu Panda – “There is no such thing as an accident”

Everything happens for a reason and now Maricris is on her way to going solo once again and having her second album!

Maricris reveals that she has already recorded a second (Up Dharma Down type) song which could possibly be part of the soon-to-be-released EP.


AKO NA LANG ANG BIBITAW is out now digitally on different downloading and streaming formats available in the country. ย The video is now at 6k mark on YouTube and is currently receiving awesome praises on MYX Channel.

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