JANINE GUTIERREZ plays a goddess matchmaker in GMA Public Affairs morning show DANGWA. But who really is the so-called DANGWA GIRL?

The story starts when an immortal Goddess of love comes down to earth and gave up her immortality to be with a mortal that she loves very much. However, the mortal boy left her broken and runs off with another girl (his real pair, or true love, or soul mate, or whatever you might call it).

Anyway, so the Goddess decides to ask the ‘Great One’ to grant her immortality again so she can come back to the realms of the Gods.

The “Great One” gave her another chance but with one condition – the Goddess has to stay on earth for a while and do her job of spreading love and help other people find their true love, only then can she regain her immortality once again.

So she stays under the guise of a flower vendor known as ROSA the #DangwaGirl – and every time the crystal rose that was born from her tears of pain and sorrow blooms in the presence of an individual, that is a sign from the “Great One” that she needs to help that person with his or her love story.

So that’s the origin of the famous #DangwaGirl

I think that if this was a real job – it would be one of toughest and most stressful ever because it requires selfless devotion to the needs of others and meddling with other people’s affairs.


Janine Gutierrez

Janine Gutierrez is ROSA the #DangwaGirl and she fits quite snuggly with the bill! A perfect role for her in my opinion.

During a mini blog conference held at the Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe in Quezon City last week, Janine said that the one thing that really stuck in her mind while portraying the role of ROSA in DANGWA is the tagline “Magkaka-LOVE LIFE ka na” which to her is a unique message that is full of hope and very positive.


She also compliment the show as very relatable and inspiring because it is all about love and forgiveness.

As an actress, what Janine Gutierrez likes about DANGWA is that she is able to work with many different artists every week. In fact, aside from her, the only recurring character in the series are Mark Herras (as Baste) and Aljur Abrenica (as Lorenzo). The cast of the series is different every week.

Mark, Janine and Aljur
Mark, Janine and Aljur


For example, DANGWA is now currently on its sixth week and here are the GMA artists or #DangwaLoveTeam that were already featured in the show:

  • Week One: Barbie Forteza and Ruru Madrid
  • Week Two: Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali
  • Week Three: Pauleen Luna and Jerald Napoles
  • Week Four: Mikael Daez and Megan Young
  • Week Five: Carla Abellana and Rafael Rosell
  • Week Six: Rhian Ramos and Geoff Eigenmann

Fans of the show are pushing on the possibility of guesting the popular Eat Bulaga Kalye Serye  love tandem of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza otherwise known as the phenomenal #AlDub – and also a special episode guesting ELMO MAGALONA!

#AlDub on Dangwa

Here’s what Direk Adolf Alix Jr. has to say about #AlDub appearing on DANGWA:

And speaking of #DangwaLoveTeam and Elmo Magalona – Janine said that she was very excited and thankful to have been chosen to portray the role of ROSA in the series but was also saddened that she’s going to do it without Elmo. But the two real-life love birds understood that this is just work and the #JANELMO fans also gets that as well.

Elmo on Dangwa

Janine said that Elmo was very supportive of her new project and even promoted it during the pilot week.

When asked about the real concept of DANGWA, Director Adolf Alix Jr. said during the blog conference that the show is like a mini-series but with an over-lapping central focus on the story of the three main characters – ROSA, BASTE and LORENZO.

The small stories featured every week enriches the story of the three main characters.

The main cast of DANGWA with director Adolf Alix Jr.
The main cast of DANGWA with director Adolf Alix Jr.

Direk Alix also reveals that their going to have a Christmas special where DANGWA will feature a full week centered on the three main characters only. No guests and other big name artists – it’s going to be all about ROSA, BASTE and LORENZO. That is really very interesting – can’t wait to see those episodes.

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