Don’t Judge Me for liking BESTIES !

Actress Solenn Heusaff and model Georgina Wilson first met in 2007 and now they have an awesome book to celebrate their friendship! Let’s think of it as a publicized joint scrapbook that talks about anything and everything.


In BESTIES, Soe and George talks about Self-Confidence, Fashion, Beauty, Diet & Food, Fitness, Finance, Travel, Friendship, Love, Sex and Madness!

Here’s my copy 😀

For those thinking that this book is just a thing to satisfy these beautiful ladies’ ego – well they’re wrong.  There’s probably tons of great things inside Solenn and Georgina’s book that people, young and old, could learn from.

Plus, I think the book itself doesn’t really give a WTF on what others think – and that’s what makes it really awesome! A peak at the lives and the deeper side of two of Manila’s most prominent socialites – the real person behind the make-ups and the parties. JUST BEAUTIFUL!

BESTIES is available in bookstores nationwide, but you can get your FREE copy from RCBC.

All applicants who will get approved for an RCBC Bankard until December 31, 2015 will get the book as a bonus!

For details and pre-registration, log on to www.RCBCBankard.com/Besties.


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