ScanAsia Overseas, Inc. now brings to the Philippines the goodness of ARLA Foods Dairy products!

I think that I was able to taste the All-Natural Milk Goodness of ARLA some time in the past, but I am absolutely sure that it was my first time to taste their cheese slice and cream cheese last Thursday when they launched the brand and their products for the first time here in the Philippines at the Skye Lounge, BGC. Up front, I can say that all their products tasted really awesome but my absolute favorite is that HERBS & SPICES Fresh Cheese spread!

Athlete Chris Everingham of the Philippine Volcanoes who was there at the launch agrees with me on this because it’s his favorite too.


I found out that ARLA Foods is actually the number one FARMER-OWNED organic dairy company in the world established in the late 1800s and composed of farmer groups from Denmark, Sweden, UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. And finally their products are here now in the Philippines.

ARLA’s dairy products are all-natural and made without stabilizers, additives, preservatives, colorants or any artificial flavors.


ARLA has four (4) Natural Cheese Slices variants:

  • EMMENTAL is an aromatic, nutty and delicately spicy cheese made by pasteurized milk from allgau farmers – recognized as Germany’s premier cheese making region and is equivalent to Parma for Italian ham.
  • GOUDA is a mild, sweet and nutty cheese suitable for new cheese eaters. It is named after a city in the Netherlands but unlike other manufacturers, ARLA’s Gouda is color-free.
  • HAVARTI is deliciously mild and creamy old Danish recipe cheese by Hanne Nielsen, dating back to the 1870s.
  • MOZZARELLA is a mild, delicately creamy and aromatic and most known for its ability to melt, change  color and stretch when eaten.


SRP of the cheese slices are at 139.00 pesos per 150g pack.


Aside from Milk and Cheese Slices, ARLA also has a tradition of cream cheese production since 1952.  They are the market leader in Denmark and is ranked number 2 in Germany. Currently, they have five (5) variants to choose from:

  • Natural Cream Cheese
  • Pineapple Cream Cheese
  • Herbs & Spices Fresh Cheese
  • Natural Light Fresh Cheese
  • LactoFree Fresh Cheese


SRP on the spreads are at 95.00 pesos 150g container.

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