MASTER GARDEN sounds like a place inspired by an old 70’s Chinese martial arts movie but this Malabon-based restaurant is all-Filipino in look and taste!

Owned by Ernesto Chan, this 140 SQM, 3-storey restaurant building is located along Gen. Luna Street near the corner of Rizal Avenue Extension and at the side of St. James Academy in Malabon City.

If you’re commuting to the place, the fastest way to go there is to ride a Jeepney at the R.PAPA LRT area with a signboard that says GASAK. Just ask the Manong Driver to drop you off at Gen. Luna or St. James Academy. There are also Jeepneys going to Malabon at the Monumento area.  It’s a shorter route but the traffic there is heavier.


Master Chan

FYI, Mr. Ernesto Chan is also the owner of the successful Master Siomai franchise hence the word “Master” on the name of the restaurant. So it is safe to call him as “Master Chan” too and that would really sound like an old 70’s Chinese martial arts movie.

I wasn’t able to see “Master Chan” in person but the Master Garden Malabon Restaurant manager, head chef and marketing was there to give me a special tour of the place and of course the dishes.

The Masters of Master Garden
The Masters of Master Garden
Master Chef Regor
Master Chef Regor

Here’s a quick peek at the three-storey Master Garden Malabon Restaurant:

Master Venue

Aside from the main restaurant or dining area at the ground floor that transforms into a cool hangout at night time complete with live bands and awesome performers, It also has a huge Main Function Room at the 3rd level that can easily accommodate up to 140 people at a time! The first thing that came to mind after seeing the 3rd floor function room is that this could rival all the events place found in the Timog-Tomas Morato area.

Main Function Room
Main Function Room

The Main Function Room with its grand staircase that leads up to a smaller room I’d like to call as a ‘Princess Suite’, is perfect for all kinds of events like weddings, debut, birthdays, product launches or even showbiz events. And with only 8,000 pesos for a full three-hour access, this is definitely one of the most affordable.

A smaller but more luxurious function room is found at the second level of the restaurant.  This room can accommodate up to 90 guests and is initially intended as a Ballroom Dancing area which I guess is very popular in Malabon City. The dining area also extends to the second level of the restaurant where they have a perfect view of the center stage. It is also equipped with a several VIP room and a conference dining area.

Aside from the function rooms, Master Garden Malabon Restaurant also has three Theme Family KTV Entertainment area.

Here are some photos that I’ve taken from my visit at Master Garden Malabon Restaurant:

Now pair these awesome amenities with great tasting all-Pinoy dishes, then you have an All-In-One restaurant and entertainment hub right at the center of Malabon City.  By the way, Master Garden Malabon Restaurant is located near San Bartolome Church and the Malabon City Hall.

Master Dishes

According to Head Chef Regor, Master Garden Malabon Restaurant specializes on Filipino dishes that “Master Chan” loves.  He mentioned two dishes that the owner adores and recommends SUGPO SA MAALAT NA DAGAT (315) and KALDERETANG BAKA NI PEPE (225).


In addition to these dishes, Master Garden Malabon Restaurant also serves the following:


  • Steamed Oysters (165)
  • Tungkab Biyaya (185)
  • Baked Tahong (175)
  • Pork Sisig (195)
  • Dinakdakan (175)
  • Orange Chicken Lollipop (185)
  • Chicharong Bulaklak (165)
  • Calamares (175)
  • Lumpiyang Shanghai (85)
  • Spicy Buffalo Wings (180)
  • Tinapa Roll Bed in Lettuce (115)
  • Sinuglaw (385)
  • Buencamino Oyster (185)
  • Manggat Bagoong (85)
  • Girona Tofu (255)


  • Pork BBQ (40)
  • Escriba Kebab (285)
  • Sinugbang Liempo (195)
  • Chicken BBQ (195)


  • El Katipunero (495)
  • Sinigang Na Baboy (215)
  • Sinigang Na Baka (325)
  • Seafood Sinigang (365)
  • Sinigang Na Bangus Belly Sa Bayabas (225)
  • Sinigang Na Hipon (285)
  • Sinigang Na Ulo Ulo (230)


  • Putok Batok (505)
  • Baby Back Ribs (395)
  • Beef Kare Kare (285)
  • Steak Ni Master (495)
  • Binagoongana Ala Malabon (215)
  • Adobong Kambing Ni Master (285)
  • Kalderetang kambing Ni Master (295)


  • Lechon Ng Bagumbayan (195)
  • Sweet And Sour Pork (195)
  • Bicol Express (195)
  • Patatim (545)
  • Picasso (335)


  • Master Garden Fried Chicken (245)
  • Chicken Binakol (260)
  • Sinampalukang Manok (225)


  • Beef and Mushroom (245)
  • Beef Broccoli (285)
  • Bistek Tagalog (245)


  • Sugpo With Aligue (285)
  • Baby Squid in olive Oil (225)
  • Adobong Pusit (215)
  • Tuna Steak in Mango Salsa (195)
  • Bangus Belly Steak (175)
  • Binukadkad Na Tilapia (185)
  • Seafood Kare-Kare (395)
  • Ginataang Seafood (345)
  • Gata Ni Cipring (145)
  • Baked Boneless Bangus (255)
  • Crispy Boneless Hito (255)


  • Chopsuey (195)
  • Pinakbet (175)
  • Adobong Puso Ng Saging (165)
  • Tortang Talong (90)
  • Vegetable Platter (105)


  • Bihon (220)
  • Canton (220)
  • Bam-I (220)
  • Istapeghi (190)
  • Carbonara (220)


  • Master Garden Halo-Halo (100)
  • Master Garden Halo-Halo Special (120)
  • Mango Panna Cotta (65)
  • Ligaya Ni Aguinaldo (100)
  • Buko Pandan (40)
  • Leche Flan (45)
  • Chef’s Dessert (70)
  • Chocolate Suman (60)

I love all the dishes but I really enjoyed the Chopsuey and their Sugpo Sa Maalat Na Dagat which is both perfect to pair with Master Garden Malabon Restaurant’s Fried Rice Ni Narsing (115).


The restaurant also serves many different kinds of drinks like Sago-Gulaman, Juices, Shakes, Coffee, Sodas, Beers, Cocktails and Hard Drinks straight from the bar at the first floor.

I definitely enjoyed the food and ambiance, I am sure that you’ll enjoy spending your lunch, meryenda and dinner at Master Garden Malabon Restaurant. For reservations you may call 3731524; 3731530; 0906-3629192.  

Good news to all QC residents, barely a year after Master Garden was inaugurated in Malabon City, “Master Chan” opened yesterday (October 9) a second Master Garden Specialty Restaurant in Tomas Morato (near South Triangle).

Now good food is even more closer to home!


*Food Photos courtesy of Digital Circles and Bloggers Jonel and Marjorie

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