Perhaps one of the most intriguing shows in Philippine television right now is the story of a transsexual woman named DESTINY ROSE which airs weekday afternoons on GMA Network.

What is more interesting about the show is that the role is being portrayed by two exceptional straight actors who bravely took on the challenge and is now the talk of the town for their wonderful performances, they are award-winning child actor MIGGS CUADERNO and multi-talented singer-actor KEN CHAN.

destiny roses

Had a chance to talk to the ‘Destiny Roses’ one afternoon at Don Andres Peruvian Kitchen Restaurant in Quezon City where they gamely shared their experiences in making GMA Network’s new breakthrough drama series which is right at the same alley (and theme) with My Husband’s Lover, Dading and The Rich Man’s Daughter.


Miggs who recently turned 11 is one the Kapuso Network’s most accomplished child actor to date garnering a number of acting nominations and winning most of them.  Most recently, he was recognized as the Best Child Performer in the 17th Gawad Pasado Award, 31st PMPC Star Awards for Movies and the 63rd Famas Awards for the highly acclaimed film ASINTADO. It was a challenging role for Miggs but one that he did very magnificently.


Definitely, Miggs is the most logical choice for the role of the budding transsexual named Joey in DESTINY ROSE but he did however audition for it along with many other aspiring young actors.

I asked Miggs the main ingredient for his success and I could sum up everything that he told me into four simple words – DO YOUR BEST ALWAYS!

Miggs said that talent alone wont get you very far in showbiz, it has to blend perfectly with hard work, commitment, respect for the craft and the people around, and of course defeating your best self all the time.  Miggs also shared a favorite quote, he said: “DO YOUR BEST AND GOD WILL DO THE REST.”


To be able to internalize the character of Joey (aka Destiny Rose), Miggs had to use a woman as her peg and he mentioned one name – Solenn Heusaff.  The hardest part of doing the role of Destiny Rose according to him is EVERYTHING – because he has to transform himself to a ‘her’ completely and in every manner.

With the way this little BIG man is presenting himself right now, I believe that his dream of getting an OSCARS someday will not be as far from reality as everyone would think.

Here is a video of Miggs inviting everyone to watch DESTINY ROSE:


Joey had to grow up in the drama series and Miggs older self in Destiny Rose will be played by singer-actor Ken Chan.


Ken Chan, now 22, considers DESTINY ROSE as his biggest break and most challenging acting role to date. He told us that when the opportunity arrived, he didn’t have any second thoughts in auditioning  for the role saying that whoever gets it is truly blessed because he believes that the story of Destiny Rose is really remarkable and inspiring, and one that many people could relate to.


Ken said that he’s thankful to GMA for trusting him with this project.  He said that he was “mangiyak-ngiyak sa tuwa” when he learned that he got the part after auditioning along with 10 or 12 more other Kapuso hopefuls. This is his first acting lead role and his first time portraying a transsexual woman.

When asked why he auditioned for the role, Ken said that all his life, he really wanted to be an actor. And DESTINY ROSE is a rare opportunity for him to show the people what he is as an actor.

“Kasi pangarap ko din, gusto ko talagang mag artista. Kaya kahit mahirap, kailangan makuha.” Ken said.

Ken also told us that he has in his house a ‘Dream Board’ that he looks at every morning. All his goals are there along with a specific target date of accomplishment.

For the role of Joey (aka Destiny Rose), Ken said that he had to use different women as a case study. He mentioned two – Marian (for crying scenes) and Jennylyn (for the laughs).


Another interesting fact about Ken in doing Destiny Rose is that when he’s on the set, he’s always in the character of Joey the transsexual woman even after takes and during breaks, the only time that he goes back to being Ken Chan again is when the director says ‘Pack Up.’  I think this only shows you how committed as an actor this young man is, and also how difficult the role is.

Another first for Ken is being in a series where he will have men partners or love team – not just one but a few more eligible handsome fellows namely Fabio Ide, Jeric Gonzales and Ken Alfonso.

Ken is however not worried of being type-casted with the role of a transsexual because GMA Network already has other plans for him beyond Destiny Rose.

Here is a video of Ken inviting everyone to watch DESTINY ROSE:


Completing the cast of Destiny Rose are Manilyn Reynes, Michael De Mesa, Jackielou Blanco, Katrina Halili, Sheena Halili, Joko Diaz, Irma Adlawan and JC Tiuseco. The series is being directed by Don Michael Perez (Strawberry Lane, Innamorata).

Destiny Rose airs Mondays to Fridays after Buena Familia on GMA Afternoon Prime.


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