Last Wednesday (July 22), the Department of Education (DepEd) officially launched the “Me and My Milk” campaign in partnership with the all new Birch Tree Fortified with Fibroboost.

This advocacy program aims to encourage parents to ensure that their children drink two glasses of milk a day.

Milk is considered to be one of nature’s most nutritious food and is considered as an important regimen to a growing child’s proper mind and body development.  Milk is a good source of Protein and packed with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 as well as the minerals: Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium, which are all essential to ones growth.

Mary Lindbert International CEO Erlinda Legaspi, DepEd Undersecretary Dina Ocampo, Snow Mountain Dairy Corporation Vice President and General Manager Edwin Africa, Century Pacific Food Incorporated President and CEO Christopher Po and Birch Tree Fortified celebrity endorsers Richard Yap and Mutya Orquia.

According to Leah Macalincag, Senior Product Manager of Birch Tree milk brands, the all new Birch Tree Fortified (now in yellow and blue packaging design) contains all these nutrients and a lot more.

“Taking Calcium is not enough.  We should ensure that it is properly absorbed by the body to reap its optimum benefits.  And because New Birch Tree Fortified has a great taste, we are positive that kids will continue to drink this milk” added Macalincag

Beyond Birch Tree Fortified’s great taste and balanced flavor is the add-on nutritional formulation of FibroBoost with Zinc, Vitamin C, Iron and Inulin Fiber which is proven to help the body absorb up to 18 percent more calcium.


The Me and My Milk campaign which will start on September is divided into two action areas:

  1. The distribution of the “Me and My Milk” workbooks which will aid educators and parents in teaching kids about proper nutrition and the benefits of drinking milk
  2. The School Visit Intervention (SVI) activities which will target select schools in NCR, Central Luzon, Calabarzon and the Ilocos Region.  During the visits, DepEd and Birch Tree Fortified representatives will conduct special lectures and orientations to educators and parents while giving the school children from Kindergarten to Grade 2 FREE milk drinks.
USEC Ocampo with the Me and My Milk Workbook
USEC Ocampo with the Me and My Milk Workbook

“Starting a milk drinking habit as a child can lead to a lifetime of health benefits,” said Edwin Africa, Vice President and General Manager of Snow Mountain Dairy Corp. “This partnership hopes to form a milk drinking habit among children for a healthier and stronger future for them.”

The launch was held at the Bulwagan Ng Karunungan of the Department of Education Complex in Pasig City. Joining the educators and school representatives from the different target regions during the launch is DepEd Undersecretary Dina Ocampo and the CEO of Mary Lindbert International, Erlinda Legaspi.

USEC Dina Ocampo
USEC Dina Ocampo

Aside from Birch Tree Senior Product Manager Leah Macalincag and Snow Mountain Dairy Corporation Vice President and General Manager Edwin Africa, Century Pacific Food Incorporated President and CEO Christopher Po was also present as well as new Birch Tree Fortified celebrity endorsers and ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ father-daughter team – Richard Yap and Mutya Orquia.

Richard Yap
Richard Yap

“I give credit to my parents for instilling milk drinking habit which I apply until today.” said Richard Yap in an interview.

I guess that statement sums up what Birch Tree Fortified and DepEd aims to accomplish through the “Me and My Milk” campaign.

“The dairy per capita consumption in the Philippines is still low compared with other Asian countries. By the end of this campaign in April next year, we expect to treat some 320,000 school kids with this great tasting and nutritious milk and hopefully convince them and their parents to continue drinking milk for the rest of their lives,” said Africa.

Birch Tree is manufactured by Snow Mountain Dairy Corporation, a subsidiary of Century Pacific Food, Incorporated. This is the same company that brought us Angel Evaporada, Angel Kremdensada, Home Price Sinigang Mix and Kaffe De Oro Instant Coffee mix, and many others.


It was a barrio fiesta themed event full of traditional Pinoy ‘kakanin’ and other meryenda dishes but the highlight is of course the free-flowing Birch Tree Fortified cold milk drinks and Angel Evaporada samalamig drinks.


It was my first time inside DepEd, so I took some photos inside the complex and one of the most interesting areas of the Bulwagan Ng Karunungan is the lobby because of the K-12 learning materials exhibition.


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