For someone who recently turned 47, OPM hitmaker DINGDONG AVANZADO is one of those people that doesn’t seem to age.

Aside from the occasional grays he still look pretty much the same when he first started his career in music 28 years and 13 studio albums ago.

Now Vice Governor of Siquijor, Dingdong A who misses the concert stage so much asked her wife, Richelle Ann better known by her stage name JESSA ZARAGOZA, to produce a concert for him and his band THE DOORBELLS as a birthday gift. To make the long story – short, the concert called #HITBACK will happen on July 24 (Friday) at the Teatrino, Promenade in Greenhills, San Juan.

“I miss performing and I look forward to it. Me and my band on tour, that is what I really wanted to do.  To bring OPM around and share it (OPM) to the people and even the young ones. It makes me happy when people who are not even from my generation likes my music.”

I met with the power couple last week at Romulo’s for a casual lunch meeting together with other media friends where they officially announced the upcoming concert featuring of course, the birthday boy himself and the “Kilabot Ng Mga Kolehiyala” of the late 80’s DINGDONG AVANZADO in a one-night-only live musical celebration of OPM!

Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza
Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza

Audiences will be hearing Dingdong A’s signature hits like “Basta’t Kasama Kita”, “Tatlong Beinte Singko”, “Maghihintay Sa ‘Yo” and many more as well as OPM hits from other musical icons that he considers his biggest musical influences.

He mentioned Rico J Puno, Mike Hanapol, APO Hiking Society, Metropop, Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano as some of them.  So I guess we will be hearing his versions of songs from these artists during the concert.

As much as it is a birthday or post-birthday concert (since Dingdong A already celebrated his birthday last July 7), #HITBACK may also be considered as a kick-off activity for the week-long inaugural celebration of LINGGO NG MUSIKANG PILIPINO which is scheduled annually and on the last week of July.  As many of you probably know, Dingdong Avanzado has played key roles in both OPM and FILSCAP for promoting the original Pilipino Music and the rights of all Pinoy music makers and composers.


What Makes #HITBACK Different From His Past Shows?

“They haven’t seen me in a concert in a while. Unlike my previous concerts, people will see me perform with my band – THE DOORBELLS (not a solo act anymore).  I love performing (not just a singer but a performer – there’s a difference) and at #HITBACK people will see how Ive grown as an artist. Everything that I have learned and experienced and an artistry that has improved.”

The concert denotes a period in the Philippine music scene where OPM is a flourishing art and industry that is very much at par with international artists (when it comes to local record sales) and #HITBACK was a segment in a local radio station that plays the hits from the past.  The over-all theme of the concert according to Dingdong A is a nostalgic recollection of the glory days of OPM but done in a festive and modern way.

Dingdong Avanzado will be performing for the first time with fellow FILSCAP mover NOEL CABANGON.  Producer slash wife JESSA ZARAGOZA and daughter JAYDA will also be performing a couple songs in the concert.  Now that’s going to be something to look forward to, JAYDA singing OPM hits from way before her time.

What are the things that you missed from when you were starting your OPM career?

“Tilian ng mga fans!” Dingdong  A jokingly answered.

But there’s of course some truth in that. Because during his time, Dingdong A is one of the most adored singer-performer by a lot of female fans. He was that cute, clean, young and very talented singer that can make you dance and fall in love with his music instantly.  I remember being highly engrossed with the underground new wave music scene way back in High School but found myself still bouncing my head every time I hear “Ikaw Lamang” and “Tatlong Beinte Singko” playing on the radio.

“Life was much simpler, you just sing and never worry about the business aspect of it. I missed all the people that used to be with me that are no longer around.  I also wish that the generation now have experienced what we’ve experienced then.   Technology has made life easier, pero iba ang outlook at mold ng mga bata ngayon because of that.  Everyone is on their phones the whole time, and there’s a sense of sadness to it. People to people interaction are less, the so-called personal touch is lessen. And since information are readily available and fast, people nowadays are more impatient and focused more on self-gratification.  Sana may balance.”


On Talent Search Shows as Platforms for Music Careers

Dingdong A calls it as your classic 15 minutes of fame!

“Kapag nanalo SIKAT tapos WALA na.  I lasted 28 years in this industry by not focusing my energy on making it BIG but in making it LAST.  The question every artist should figure out is ‘How Do You Sustain It?”  Specially now that the attention span of people are very short and everything is moving so fast.  You have 100,000 followers in social media but are you sure that they really FOLLOW you.”


On his daughter JAYDA

“Jayda is Jayda!  She will be her own artist.”  Dingdong A said when asked about her talented 12 year-old daughter having been born from both musically-inclined and successful parents.

“Other artist compliments her that she’s showing so much promise. And these are coming from people who have shaped the music industry here in the Philippines. Our role as parents is that we will always be there to guide her.  She has her quirks but overall she’s a very nice kid.”

According Dingdong A and Jessa, Jayda has been very vocal about her interest in entering showbiz as a singer-performer.  They were the ones who put the breaks on that dream train because they wanted her to be prepared before entering the overwhelming world of show business.  Here are some words of wisdom from Jayda’s proud parents:

  • “Kahit anong galing mo kung masama ang ugali mo hindi ka ma e- endear a tao.  Be always humble and God-fearing.”
  • “Kapag may 10 taong may gusto sa ‘yo meron din 10 tao na ayaw sa ‘yo.  You cannot please everybody.”
  • “Your time will come, Huwag magmadali.  The important thing is when that time comes make sure that you’re ready.”


“OPM awareness is very high now, the challenge is to make the next generation grab on to it.  Ituloy nila dapat.  Continue to make music and continue supporting OPM. We have a lot of talented singers and songwriters that gets frustrated because their songs are never used.”

Dingdong Avanzado also revealed that he plans to come out with a new song this year that will re-introduce him as a musician together with his band.  So I guess the plan is to make DINGDONG AND THE DOORBELLS continue what he started decades ago when he was just solo.  Same Dingdong A, different musical flavor. I kinda like the sound of that!  I think this move will help inspire even those who have given up a musical dream to start all over again.

Here are Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza inviting everyone to celebrate OPM in #Hitback


Catch #HITBACK with DINGDONG AVANZADO AND THE DOORBELLS on July 24, 9pm at the Teatrino, Promenade in Greenhills! For tickets CALL Teatrino at 7224532, 7228310 loc. 116 or (0905) 6043772.

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