Fresh from the success of his two big-screen directorial projects last year, Direk Perci Intalan is back on the helm as both director and producer of two new ground-breaking but very much familiar television shows. LolaBasyang.com and #ParangNormalActivity will exclusively air on TV5 weekly starting this Saturday (July 11) from 7am to 9pm!

Direk Perci Intalan
Direk Perci Intalan

LolaBasyang.com which will be shown every Saturday at 7:00 pm adds a modern flavor to the classic TV show with the incorporation of popular technological advances in the field of communication  that will be utilized for both the plot and the manner by which the show can be viewed or enjoyed by audiences online or offline.  Direk Perci said that Lola Basyang or Lola B herself will have her very own blog.  Lola B will be played by one of the most accomplished actresses in the Philippines – Ms. Boots Anson Roa – Rodrigo, who expresses her excitement in playing the role during the media launch held at the Sampaguita Gardens last Wednesday (July 8).

Here are the cast of LolaBasyang.com during the media launch:


Carlos Agassi
Carlos Agassi


Following the fantasy-filled modern story-telling of Lola B is the teen-adventure series #ParangNormalActivity – yes, with the hashtag sign on! Direk Perci said that the show is different in many ways from the other teen-oriented horror flicks of the past.  For one, it is more comedy and teen-drama than fright and scares.  Audiences will follow the story of each character and their crazy adventures or misadventures and not just for the scary scenes that we’re used to (or very much bored of) watching. Leading the cast of the show is actress Ella Cruz who plays a friendly ghost to the three #ParangNormal boys Ryle Paulo Santiago, Andre Garcia and Shaun Salvador.

Here are the cast of #ParangNormalActivity during the media launch:






The back-to-back special is a joint production of TV5 and The IdeaFirst Company. Co-directing the two shows with Direk Perci is his real-life partner and celebrated film-maker/writer Jun Robles Lana.  Direk Jun directed the first two episodes of LolaBasyang.com and #ParangNormalActivity.  Helping the two directors with these projects are the creative writing team of The IdeaFirst Company namely: Palanca Award-winning writer Elmer Gatchalian as Head Writer, Prime Cruz, Jenilee Chuaunsu, Ivan Payawal, Dominic Lim, Miko Livelo, Ash Malanum, and Petersen Vargas.

All of which are very much accomplished individuals in their chosen fields.  So, I guess the two shows are in real good creative hands.

The cast of LolaBasyang.Com and #ParangNormalActivity
The cast of LolaBasyang.Com and #ParangNormalActivity

Direk Perci Intalan made his directorial debut in the movie DEMENTIA, followed by an episode in SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL XV (Flight 666).


Aside from directorial credits, Direk Perci Intalan is also the executive producer of two successful Indie Films – BWAKAW (2012) and MGA KUWENTONG BARBERO (2013).  His most latest directorial project was an episode of the ABS CBN series ‘Ipaglaban Mo.’

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