I think that during my time, MATH is the least liked subject by majority of grade school students.  You have to be either of ‘Chinese’ descent or extremely left-brain gifted to really appreciate and excel in the subject.  The problem with MATH in those days is not really the subject but probably the manner by which it was taught by teachers.  It is so darn BORING!

However, there is no question at the importance and the practical implications of being good at MATH. The subject is actually the foundation of all the other learning disciplines – science would be lost without it, even poetry and all the other forms of art.


I have to be honest, my appreciation of the subject came in very late – MATH was a burden even in high school and college.  Work-life has re-introduced me to MATH in the form of basic accounting and a lot of statistical studies that I needed for module developments and program planning.  That’s the time when I began to really understand the importance of MATH and how the basic knowledge of it can make life easier for all of us, especially now that we are in the digital age where almost everything we do is directly and indirectly influenced by 1’s and 0’s.

I just wished that my interest with the subject came in earlier, but I couldn’t really blame MATH teachers during my time since they don’t really have the pedagogical advancement that our children are privileged of having right now just like SINGAPORE MATH which was first introduced here in the Philippines by the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program in 2009.

Singapore Math

SINGAPORE MATH presents a fun and effective way to learn math and solve problems by using model drawing or pictorial forms. It teaches students math tricks and improve critical thinking skills to solve math problems and tackle increasingly difficult topics in algebra and geometry.

Designed as a high school preparatory program for young learners ages 6 to 12, SINGAPORE MATH is a great skill enhancement that children will truly benefit from. The tuition fee for 8 sessions is 2,500 pesos only plus a one time registration fee of 500 pesos.

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program CEO Ma. Rowena J. Matti hosted a special SINGAPORE MATH orientation for both parent and kids last Saturday (June 20) at the Galileo Center in Salcedo St., Legazpi Village, Makati City.  Attended by parent bloggers, the orientation presented the key teaching methods and other programs available at Galileo.

Ms. Rowie J. Matti
Ms. Rowie J. Matti
Galileo Singapore Math Orientation

Galileo Enrichment Learning Programs

Established in 2005, the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program aims to address the learning gap that children are facing today in their schools most especially in MATH and ENGLISH.  Galileo according to Ms. Matti uses the ‘Telescopic’ approach which focuses and concentrates on the child’s learning needs individually.  To FIND THE GENIUS and DISCOVER THE STAR in every child.



With these, they have created a comprehensive and fun MATH and ENGLISH program for kids ages 3 to  12.  Tuition fee for a one month (8 session) program is 1,860 pesos plus a one time registration fee of 500 pesos.

They also have an introductory learning program for  kids ages 1 1/2 to 3 called Little Explorers.  Anchored on play-based learning, toddlers are taught early numeracy and literacy skills, practical life skills such as manners, socialization, responsibility, environmental awareness, and the general appreciation of nature.

While our kids are given some Galileo MATH activities inside the classrooms, we were given a sample of how SINGAPORE MATH is taught to students at the lobby area by the skilled teachers of Galileo.  I was amazed at how easy MATH problems are solved using the SINGAPORE MATH methodology and also with that Math Balance Scale that they demonstrated.




Ms. Matti also announced that Galileo will be hosting the third Singapore Math Learning Festival slated on July 4, 2015 and will be held at the AIM Conference Center from 7:30am to 5:00pm.

The conference will feature talks from:

  • Dr. Queena Lee-Chua (Ateneo professor., award-winning mathematecian) – Foundations of Singapore Math
  • Ann Marie Wongchuking-Pato (Galileo ELP Director) – 21st Century Learning
  • Gail Tan (Google Philippines Communications Manager) – Connected Educators-Engaged Teachers

Learning sessions will be facilitated by experts:

  • Shiarell Loida Cruz (Creating a Singapore Math Portal)
  • Maribeth Lamis (Games That Teach)
  • Tom Chu (The Magic of Model Drawing)
  • Milona Barraca (Seeing Math at Home)
  • Dr, Flordeliza Francisco (Building Blocks to Algebraic Thinking)

Conference Registration Fee is 3,750 pesos. To register go to www.galileoenrichment.com You may also call them at  (02) 845-1234 

For Metro Manila residents, you can get FREE tickets to the 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival by just doing the following:

  • LIKE Galileo Enrichment Learning Program on Facebook
  • SHARE the photo on your Timeline and include the hashtag #galileoat10
  • Galileo will raffle off 1 SMLF ticket per week from June 15 to July 3
  • Winners will be announced every Friday at the Galileo ELP page

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  1. Same here, wishing I learned to love Math when I was still younger. Maybe I’d be better at tutoring my kids for their Math assignments!