With the aim of reviving the photo printing industry, FUJIFILM distributor YKL Color launched the very first Wonder Photo Shop in Tokyo, Japan early last year and now FUJIFILM Philippines is bringing the magic of photo printing here in the country with the grand opening of Wonder Photo Shop Manila at the Ayala – UP Town Center in Quezon City last Friday (June 19) – the very first in Southeast Asia.

Wonder Photo Shop Manila Grand Opening
Wonder Photo Shop Manila Grand Opening

Taking photos is already a way of life.  The basic principle of photography has not change a lot from when the first photo was taken in 1827 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. Only the mediums continues to change. We’re now at an age where taking and sharing photos is as convenient and fast with just a click on our mobile devices.  We’ve gone digital but it’s still the same thing. Photos in whatever form still has that same ‘wonder’ effect on people.

But just like the essence of the returning vinyl records, nothing compares to a tangible or physical manifestation of that captured moment – unedited and printed on actual paper.

Fujifilm Photobook Service

That is what the Wonder Photo Shop Manila aims to bring to all Filipino photo enthusiasts and the younger generations.  The awesome experience of holding an actual picture (on paper) with your hands and placing it on a real photo album for all your friends and families to see, flip and hold.

Let’s face it, photo printing is already becoming a lost art. Like cassette tapes, walkmans and Betamaxes – printed photos on albums is something like from the Jurassic era to a child today.  But for posterity’s sake, FUJIFILM is definitely not giving up on it.

Wonder Photo Shop Manila

According to current studies, Filipinos (the selfie capital of the world) average to only two (2) prints a year per person vs. Thailand’s 7.6 prints and Vietnam’s 4.6 prints per year. In Japan, there is still a 3.5 billion demand for printing photos while here in the Philippines it is only estimated at around 208 million. During the launch program held at Gerrys Grill, Ayala – UP Town Center, FUJIFILM Philippines Division Head of Photo Imaging and Electronics Takuya Maeda asked the guests why Filipinos don’t print their photos anymore.

The execs of YKL Color and Fujifilm Corporation at the Wonder Photo Shop Manila Launch
The execs of YKL Color and Fujifilm Corporation at the Wonder Photo Shop Manila Launch

The top answers were:

  • It’s Expensive
  • It’s Time-Consuming
  • There are not a lot of photo printing shops around anymore
  • What for?

Well, the Wonder Photo Shop Manila has an answer to all that – for the short answers:

  • FUJIFILM execs said that memories are priceless and you can’t put a price tag on it.
  • There are a lot of methods to print your photos at the Wonder Photo Shop and it will only take you a couple of minutes – if you want your photo on paper at an instant then why not get an Instax Camera instead?
  • Well actually, there are a lot of photo printing shops out there but none of them are as fun as the Wonder Photo Shop Manila!
Wonder Photo Shop Manila Retail Products
Wonder Photo Shop Manila Retail Products

For the long answer:

Part store, part print center, and part workshop hub, the Wonder Photo Shop Manila in Ayala – UP Town Center is a one-stop boutique and learning center that offers an array of products and services:

  • A Selfie Studio where customers can delight in taking and printing complex photos
  • Printing Services with high-quality professional paper
  • Photobook Service
  • WPS (Wonder Print Station) kiosk printer, which provides a variety of quick photo printing;
  • Retail Shop for photo accessories such as washi tapes, fancy photo albums, photo frames and stickers and Fujifilm Instax and digital cameras
Wonder Photo Shop Manila  Services
Wonder Photo Shop Manila Services

Customers can also print on a wide variety of mediums like glass, cork boards, sintra boards, wood boards and canvasses.

Attending the grand opening event were various personalities in the fashion and lifestyle scene, media and bloggers. Celebrities Jolina Magdangal with husband Mark Escueta, Tim Yap, Mikoy Morales and many others tried out the many wonderful services of Wonder Photo Shop Manila.

Wonder Photo Shop Manila is located at the third floor of the Ayala – UP Town Center. It opens from 11 am to 9 pm (Mondays to Fridays) and 10 am to 10 pm on Weekends.

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