Rita Daniela formally launched her first music video at Off The Grill restaurant in Timog last Thursday night, June 18.

Hosted by Kai and Ritas’s brother Roi, the music video launch of the single ‘I’m Flying High’ was organized by the GMA Artist Center together with GMA Records and graced by Kapuso stars Glaiza De Castro and Joyce Ching, local dance icon Geleen Eugenio, blogger and media friends, family members and fans.



The launch turned into a mini-concert with Glaiza De Castro performing two original songs from her album Synthesis, host Kai also performed a couple of songs, while Joyce Ching, with the request of her friend Rita, unprepared but willingly obliged with her version of the song ‘Terrified.’


Rita Daniela performed all six songs in her self-titled debut album including the carrier “I’m Flying High” before the music video was revealed.





After the event, Rita asked what were our thoughts about her music video.  She was clearly very concerned since this is her first music video and as with anything done for the first time, a feedback is most essential.

Personally, I thought that the video was… pure, straight-to-the-point and engaging!

“I’m Flying High” has a simple but catchy dance tune and people would naturally expect a music video that would make them dance or at the very least contain something that would make their bodies move while watching or listening to it.  The video is very successful in this area – the choreography of Geleen is phenomenal (she hasn’t lost her touch yet) and the visual drama is straightforward.

Here’s the Official Music Video:

I mentioned during our casual talk right after the launch that the video contained a lot of dance moves that can easily become something like an ‘LSS’ for dancers. An LDMS (Last Dance Move Syndrome) if you would.  Rita and song promoters should capitalize on this, her brother Roi has actually taken the first step by showing the dance moves to the audience last Thursday.

Rita announced that they’re already planning for the release of her second single as well as the music video for it.  I suggested that they should follow-up on the strength of the first video and still incorporate dance whether it’s for the ballad “Hahanap-Hanapin Ka” or the Boracay feel-good island tune of “Di Lang Ikaw.”

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Rita’s first love was actually dancing – and that’s good.  That’s going to be her strength actually as an OPM artist.  We don’t have a lot of local artist that can do both.


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Here is Rita Daniela inviting everyone to VOTE for her music video on MYX:



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