URATEX, the number one foam and mattress company here in the Philippines in collaboration with Our Home recently held a special sleep science campaign program at the activity center of SM Megamall headed by Uratex Sales Director Dindo Medina and leading Pulmonologist Virginia S. Delos Reyes, MD.  The event was hosted by model-host Pia Guanio.

11358909_1092831544067078_27211125_nAccording to the Dr. Delos Reyes, sleep science is very important to one’s well-being.  The lack of sleep and knowledge of proper sleeping habits may lead to serious health and social problems.  Sleep is actually our body’s way to recharge and the lack of it will result to a faster mental and physical deterioration.

11268910_1092831450733754_2059194482_nHere are a few tips on how to get quality sleep from the good doctor as well as from some of the special guests during the event:

  • A clear mind and a more relaxed state should be our sleep goal and not the 8-hour requirement
  • Sleep with the lights off or dimmed
  • Try to avoid sweets and other substances (coffee, generally all kinds of food) that may produce a stimulating sensation an hour before bedtime
  • Force yourself to wake up at a specific time regularly – lay off that snooze button and just get up.
  • Seek a little sunshine – it’s good for your body.  This also reminds you that there’s day for waking and night for sleeping.  Your body clock will get the idea sooner or later and dreamland will be yours.
  • Don’t take naps after 3pm and if you must take a nap make sure that it’s not more than 30 minutes.
  • Don’t sleep with your gadgets – that’s weird enough to hear
  • And of course, sleep on a bed where you can take your most comfortable sleep position – Uratex got that covered!

Speaking of special guests, it was a star-studded sleep science conference featuring celebrities like 2013 Ms. Universe 3rd runner-up Ariella Arida, actress-host Solenn Heusaff, Vanessa Matsunaga, Ellen Adarna, Anton Del Rosario, Boys Night Out DJ’s Sam YG, Slick Rick & Tony Toni, and last but not the least, celebrity chef Rolando Laudico.








Choosing the right mattress is of course a primary for getting a good night sleep and here are some suggestions from Mr. Dindo Medina to maximize its usefulness:


  1. The mattress is designed for sleeping – don’t use it as a work area, entertainment hub or a dining table.  Use it properly.  You’ll sleep better and it will last longer.
  2. Rotate and flip the mattress once in a while to even out the pressure and lessen the chances of uneven wear on the coils and foams.
  3. Cleanliness is the best policy! Clean up spills right away, use handheld vacuum cleaners to suck up all dirt and dead skin cells that might harbor dust mites and bed bugs.

Good Clean Mattress + Discipline = A Good Night Sleep!  Make that a daily equation to live by!


All Photos Courtesy of EDEL of Viva Manilena

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