Melai Cantiveros is the first grand winner of Your Face Sounds Familiar Philippines!

Melai who performed wrecking ball as Miley Cyrus in the grand showdown of Your Face Sounds Familiar got 51.93% of the total votes.  Nyoy Volante as Whitney Houston got 2nd Place, Jay R as Frank Sinatra got 3rd Place while Edgar Allan as Chris Brown got 4th Place.

Melai Cantiveros YFSF

If I was a judge on the show and I based my decision on last night’s performances, I would choose Jay R’s Frank Sinatra as the winner.  He sounded and really looked a lot like the crooner, the others just made astounding and entertaining performances but doesn’t really look and sound like the Icons that they were imitating.

When they announced that the decision is going to be made by text votes, I already predicted Melai to win even before the Grand Showdown.  However, I believe that Melai deserves to win, she worked really hard for this and without her, Your Face Sounds Familiar would not be a big hit.  She’s actually the life of the show.  So, congratulations!

This show really deserves a second season.  I can’t wait to see who are going to be the next 8 contenders.


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