Never The Strangers returns to the local record industry with the release of their new album SCREENBURN, their first album with Universal Records and their first after four long years.

The release of this album also marks the introduction of its new members. Never The Strangers is now composed of original members vocalist and keyboard player Ace Libre, guitarist JP Del Mundo, and new members bassist Gab Palanca and drummer Nash Ignacio.


When asked how the change in line-up affected the music of the band, Ace said that he considers the different experiences of Gab and Nash as a great contribution to the new sound of the band. He also notes JP’s uncanny ability to play guitars like a “chameleon.”

Ace also notes maturity in the way the band deals with each other, “we seek to serve the song rather than our egos, which I believe is a sign of maturity. We hear one another out, whether it be one reaffirming the opinion of another or opposing it.”  Ace expressed that this open communication has helped make the music better.

“The fans can expect a new sound from the new single,” Ace shares. “The single features the band having a go at electronic sounds.”

SCRENBURN will be launched this June 19, Friday, 7:00 p.m., at the Eastwood Central Plaza.


  1. The Light
  2. Mundo
  3. Showbiz
  4. Machine Heart
  5. Bones
  6. Tiwala
  7. Meant To Be
  8. Sabay
  9. Elisa
  10. OK
  11. So Long
  12. Glass
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