Had lunch at Yellow Cab, Tomas Morato last Thursday with ‘My Mother’s Secret‘ stars and one of GMA Artist Center’s hottest young love team – Kim Rodriguez and Kiko Estrada.

Kim Rodriguez (Kakambal Ni Eliana, Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw, Strawberry Lane) will play the role of Neri.  She’s the adopted daughter of a midwife named Cora (played by Lot Lot De Leon).  Kiko Estrada (Strawberry Lane, Yagit) will play the role of Craig.  In the story, the two will meet at an orphanage where Neri (Kim) is working and Craig (Kiko) is a volunteer.


Directed by Neal Del Rosario and Kenneth De Leon, ‘My Mother’s Secret’ which airs weeknights on GMA before the news program ’24 Oras’ aims to dramatically showcase how the bond and love between a mother and a child can overcome self-centeredness and all ambitions.

The pre-primetime drama series that started airing last week also stars Christian Bautista (Anton), Gwen Zamora (Vivian) and Lotlot De Leon (Cora).  Giving life to the other colorful characters of ‘My Mother’s Secret’ are Sharmaine Buencamino, Meryll Soriano, Enzo Pineda, Diva Montelaba, Tricia Cabais, Joanna Marie Tan, Richard Quan, Mike Lloren, JM Katanyag, Frances Makill, Ervic Vejandre and a special participation of Mark Herras.

Here are Kim and Kiko inviting everyone to watch ‘My Mother’s Secret’:


Kim Rodriguez said during our casual talk over late lunch that she’s thankful and at the same time feels a little bit of pressure for the new drama series. It’s her biggest role after ‘Kakambal Ni Eliana’ and ‘Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw.’ Based on her description of the character of Neri, I can tell that the role is not so different from her Strawberry Lane character – Neri who works in an orphanage was described by Kim as having a ruggedly boyish personality, so this is going to be like a walk in the park for young actress.


Kiko Estrada who loves watching heavy drama got her wish to have a lead part in one.  The son of actors Gary Estrada and Cheska Diaz, this young lad is slowly but surely making a name for himself in the showbiz industry without riding on his parents fame and influence.


When asked about their goals in the industry, Kim and Kiko said:

“Di ko naman gusto sumikat, basta may work lang, ginagawa ko lang yun trabaho ko, alam ko na ang GMA ay nagtitiwala sa akin, susuklian ko sila kung ano yun ini-expect nila sa akin.” said Kim Rodriguez


“With all the humility in the world, I want to be one of the country’s best actors, I want them (GMA) to help me achieve that, I’ll work my ass off (If I had to), gagawin ko ang lahat para makuha yun.” Kiko Estrada replied.

I noticed, during the casual interview, how the couple tends to finish each other’s sentences.  They seem to know a lot about each other and so I asked them about their relationship off cam.  The chemistry between the two was so obvious that I just felt the need to pry.


To make the long story short, the two admitted about their fondness for each other and even recalls the events that led to their deep friendship and closeness.  You can view the whole thing from the video below this post but here’s the jist:

  • The two first met on the set of Tween Hearts – 2011
  • Kim had a secret crush on Kiko during their Tween Hearts days
  • Kiko personally requested Kim to be in the Chasing Boulevards film project (they were able to finish the shoot but unfortunately the film was shelved for reasons they did not reveal) – 2013
  • Kiko started checking up on Kim through SMS after that project, Kim was like NR on his efforts though
  • Kiko and Kim was introduced as a love team in Strawberry Lane – 2014


Kiko then admitted that he is seriously courting Kim. Both are however ‘in a relationship’ with their careers right now.  Kim and Kiko said that they’ve already made an agreement to set aside everything else first to focus on their current projects with GMA.  But other revelations spoke otherwise, take this for example:

  • Kiko and Kim went out on a dinner date during Kim’s birthday last year (August)
  • Kiko got Kim a Shih Tzu pup named Chewy (short for Chewbacca) as a birthday gift

When someone gives you a pup as a gift, that is saying something.

Here’s the video of the interview at Yellow Cab:

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