Teen Queen KATHRYN BERNARDO was recently  launched by Pascual Laboratories, Inc. as their newest brand ambassador for Ora Care!

In a special event held yesterday at 55 Events Place in Quezon City, Kathryn Bernardo received as her first act as Ora Care Teen Queen the Guiness World Record Certificate for the most number of people using mouthwash simultaneously, which she personally joined last Sunday (April 12) at the Market! Market! Activity Center.

A total of 2,040 people joined the event!

Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo
Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo


ORA CARE, one of the flagship brand of Pascual Laboratories, Inc. has been in the market for 10 years already, providing Filipinos a decade of the easiest and most effective way to have a real clean and healthy mouth.

Guia Talag

Pascual Lab Brand Manager Guia Talag said in her presentation that Ora Care is the first ‘No Alcohol’ and ‘No Sting’ mouthrinse product in the Philippines.  The secret to this breakthrough technology lies in the product’s main component – STABILIZED CHLORINE DIOXIDE that works in two ways:

  • It gets rid of bad bacteria that may cause plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay

  • Neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds – the main source of strong mouth odors

Riza Sacay

According to Pascual Lab Marketing Manager Riza Sacay, ORA CARE’s newest campaign with Kathryn Bernardo aims to inspire the younger generation to be conscious about their oral hygiene as early as possible and adopt the habit of choosing things that will be REAL GOOD for them.

“When the project was first pitched to me, I was super happy kasi nga trustworthy ‘yung brand lalo na’t gawa ‘to ng Pascual Lab,” the 19 year old actress says. “Para ngang OraCare is the mouthwash for our generation – it’s convenient to use, walang hassle gamitin dahil walang sting yet very effective. It’s modern and trendy.”



Also, oral hygiene is in fact, one of the REAL GOOD things that matters to Kathryn Bernardo that is why she always bring an ORA CARE with her anywhere and everywhere.  She’s a self-confessed OC when it comes to hygiene.


  1. A GOOD BOOK – she personally loves reading Nicholas Sparks’ Novels like “The Last Song”
  2. A GOOD FOOD – she considers Pizza and Chicken as her comfort food!
  3. A GOOD WORKOUT – she’s into core exercise right now!
  4. A GOOD PET – the presence of her pet dogs always lightens her heaviest days!
  5. A GOOD MUSIC – she’s the light and easy kind of person and therefore Jack Johnson’s music on the background is always heaven!
  6. A GOOD PLACE – is not here in the Philippines but somewhere else, Los Angeles to be exact!  And that’s a very far away place to relax and meditate.
  7. A GOOD ROLE MODEL – is her mom! “She’s my rock!’ the teen queen announced.
  8. A GOOD HYGIENE – is something that is priceless and very necessary especially – oral hygiene.  ORA CARE has got that covered for her!



Pascual Laboratories, Inc. also unveiled its newest 30-second TV ad of ORA CARE featuring Kathryn Bernardo and a catchy REAL GOOD jingle!


ORA CARE Mouthrinse is is available at leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. It comes in three variants—Regular, Cool and Merrymint.

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