I started this blog as an online journal, back when Friendster was the coolest thing on the internet and Multiply was a platform for sharing photos and other stuff.

Overtime, rainCHECK has transformed itself from a personal blog to a PEP (People, Events, Places) entertainment news and lifestyle blog.  From sharing personal experiences on free WordPress, it has now become a self-hosted site that has earned over 9 million hits and an average of 800 daily unique views from all over the world – which is actually quite a small crowd compared to other sites but I don’t really care. I didn’t plan for all of these to happen and frankly I am not that too interested with the stats – I just did what I love to do and I had fun doing it.

One of the many things that came from having a blog that is actually read by people, is an email inbox full of Press Releases as well as invites to events, product reviews, ad inquiries and other online project proposals.  Not to mention a lot of spam mails and product offers.

Now, unlike other webpage and sites, I still consider my blog as a personal blog.  Most of the stuff that I post are either actual experiences, things that I read or interested in, and my opinion on things.  However, my blog is still open to featuring press releases but with a couple of conditions of course.


I don’t really see posting press releases as a bad thing.  I am not too critical with that, but it has to be on my terms.  For example, and I have to be blunt about this, I receive hundreds of press releases every week from TV networks to various PR agencies, sent automatically by whoever’s handling their social media marketing.  I appreciate the updates but I can not post their stuff on my blog especially if I didn’t have any first-hand experience on what the news is all about.

Well, anyway, paid or not, I will post press releases but here are a few personal guidelines that I adhere to:

  • Releases should and always be about something that I am personally interested in. If not – TRASH!
  • I don’t post releases coming from people, companies or PR agencies that I don’t  really know –  a word of advice, make an effort to establish a casual relationship with me first. If not – TRASH!
  • I usually read, edit or rewrite releases that I deemed worthy for posting on my blog.  For releases that are beautifully written, I usually modify the title only.  So there should always be a freedom for me to do stuff on your stuff – if not, don’t send it my way or it goes directly to the TRASH!
  • Releases communicated personally as a genuine request is of course favored than those that were sent to make you feel that you’re privileged to receive the news or content from them. If not – TRASH!
  • Friends, don’t abuse my hospitality.  Send me something that I can actually use and my readers could benefit from. If not – TRASH!
  • My blog. My Choice. My Time. Can’t handle that then… TRASH!

Yes, RainCHECK is open to press releases but that doesn’t mean that I will post them.  I still prefer to do all the writing myself which means, if you really want your stuff featured on my stuff – you will have to do it the proper way.  If you’re a PR officer, you already know what that means.

By the way, when rainCHECK turned mainstream lifestyle, I created a new personal blog on blogger www.writtenbyraindrops.blogspot.com  – this one is NOT open to press releases.

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