It’s going to be a very hot summer as one of GMA Network’s hottest love tandem Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia returns with the TV adaptation of Let The Love Begin!

Originally a hit romantic movie produced in 2005 by GMA Films that set the record for the top grossing Valentine movie of all time in the Philippines launching the careers of Richard Gutierrez and Angel locsin.  Written by Suzette Doctolero and RJ Nuevas, and directed by Mac Alejandre.

Yesterday afternoon, Ruru and Gabbi joined us for lunch at Cafe Via Mare in Tomas Morato to discuss about the new TV series.



Let The Love Begin The TV Series

17-year old Ruru Madrid who just graduated in High School and 16 year-old Gabbi Garcia expressed their excitement in their upcoming show which is slated for April this year.  They said, that although ‘Let The Love Begin’ the TV series is based on the 2005 film, the producers and writers told them that there will be some surprising twists in the original story.

Ruru will play ERIC (the role of Richard Gutierrez in the film) while Gabbi will play the role of PIA (Angel Locsin).

Ruru Madrid
Ruru Madrid
Gabbi Garcia
Gabbi Garcia

The two young stars also confirmed that fellow Kapuso actors Phytos Ramirez and Abel Estanislao will also be joining them in the series.  As for the rest of the cast, well, they still don’t have any idea yet.  Gina Alajar is said to direct the TV adaptation.

Comedienne AiAi Delas Alas was also rumored to be part of the main cast of ‘Let The Love Begin’ but as of this moment, there has been no confirmation yet from GMA Network.

We asked Ruru and Gabbi, the scenes that they liked from the original movie.

The two both wanted the scene where ERIC and PIA are talking to each other by writing on a school desk chair that they both share – PIA was using it during the morning class while ERIC during the evening class.  I guess, texting was not that popular yet when the movie came out and so, vandalism it is.

Anyway, I find that scene cute too.


Kissing Scene

There was a kissing scene in the original movie, so the two stars were asked if that scene will be included in the TV adaptation and if ever, would they go for it?

“Personally, if it’s for the good of the role why not, but it’s really up to my parents and the management.”  Gabbi said.

“Kung meron, ready ako,”  Ruru said. “Pero, I think masyado pa kami bata for that.”

During the interview, the two made some really big revelations that I am sure fans would love to hear about.  Let’s put an appropriate heading on this list of revelations, how about ….


  • Both Ruru and Gabbi said that their families are very tight, they hang out together and they’re actually planning to go out of town this summer together.
  • Gabbi on Ruru: “Ruru is very charming.  He appears to be this naughty boy on the outside but he has this deeper side in him and I am very fortunate to be one of the few people to see that.”
  • Ruru on Gabbi: “Gab is very pretty, iba yung ganda niya.  Hindi siya nakakasawa, habang tinititigan mo siya lalo pa siya gumaganda.”
  • Ruru and Gabbi: “Hindi namin priority kasi ang ligaw ligaw.  But we’re super close, we’re sweet to each other on and off the camera.”
  • Gabbi: “I think my advantage from other stars my age is that aside from acting, I sing, I play instruments, I live a very active lifestyle and I am a licensed scuba diver, I’m a high school  graduate, I plan to take flight school  in college and finish it kahit pa unti-unti lang.”
  • Ruru’s big crush in showbiz is Solenn Heusaff (who wouldn’t have a crush on her) while Gabbi revealed that before entering showbiz, she was already a big fan of Elmo Magalona, who is now one of her friend in GMA.
  • Ruru played the ‘Suplado’ card on Gabbi the first time they met on the set of ‘My Destiny’ – he’s serious like that whenever he’s doing a project which he got from his training with actor Philip Salvador during his Protege days.
  • Playful Gabbi then texted Ruru that very same day after pack up at around 3am with a ‘jejemon’ themed, fan-like greeting ending it with the words “I Love You” – of course, Gabbi said that it was just a joke.  That worked though to break the ice, Ruru screenshot that message and they became good friends ever since.

As a final update, Ruru and Gabbi said that they volunteered themselves to sing the theme song of the TV Series.   Gino Padilla sang this originally and was revived by Kyla and Jerome for the 2005 film.  Here are two freestyling Let The Love Begin:



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