Mexican wrestler Hijo del Perro Aguayo or Pedro Aguayo Ramirez in real life dies after former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio delivered his deadly signature ‘619’ on him.

According to reports, Hijo was supposed to avoid the move but took it instead in the trachea which caused a severe whiplash on the Mexican pro wrestler in a match held Friday night in Tijuana.  He was pronounced dead at 1:00am local time at the Del Prado Hospital.


Ramirez (Hijo), 35 years old, is the son of of lucha libre legend Pedro Aguayo.  He started his wrestling career at the age of 15 in Mexico teaming with his father and would go on to become a three-time Mexican National Tag Team champion.

Meanwhile, Baja state prosecutor’s office is looking at a possible manslaughter on Mysterio.  This is Rey Mysterio’s 2nd match after he left the WWE last February.


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