JobStreet.com recently released their Annual Salary Report for 2015.  The Top 10 High-Paying Jobs in the Philippines today!

Unlike their 2014 survey which is industry-based and focused only on entry-level employees, the new report listed the top 10 specializations with #GreatSalary for Junior Executives, Supervisors and Managerial positions.

The JobStreet.com team headed by its Country Manager Philip Gioca together with Marketing Manager Roselyn Ombao and Candidate Marketing Specialist Czarina Cucueco briefed us yesterday in a forum held at the Bubba Gump Restaurant Makati about the new process and the surprising results of the study.

Philip Gioca
Philip Gioca
Roselyn Ombao
Roselyn Ombao
Czarina Cucueco
Czarina Cucueco

The new and more focused parameters are now more job seeker-centered compared to last year’s report.  It provides employees and applicants information about which jobs or skills set are receiving the highest compensation based on a study conducted from October to December last year.

Top 10 High-Paying Jobs in the Philippines 2015

For Junior Executives (1-4 years experienced employees) here are the Top 10 Specializations with #GreatSalary

  1. IT/Computer – Software (37,784)
  2. IT/Computer – Network/Database Admin (33,029)
  3. Law/Legal Services (27,033)
  4. Actuarial Science/Statistics (27,032)
  5. Engineering/Electronics – Communication (26,379)
  6. Public Relations/Communications (25,153)
  7. Technical/Helpdesk Support (25,078)
  8. Sales – Telesales/Telemarketing (24,400)
  9. Training & Development (23,762)
  10. Customer Service (23,369)


To put this new report in perspective, the industry-based survey of JobStreet.com in 2014 resulted in the following Top 10 high-paying industries:

  1. Travel/Tourism
  2. Telecommunication
  3. Computer/IT (Hardware)
  4. Hotel/Hospitality
  5. Computer/IT (Software)
  6. Healthcare/Medical
  7. Call-Center/BPO
  8. Banking/Financial Services
  9. Law/Legal
  10. Education

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Last year’s top high-paying industry ‘Travel/Tourism’ got spread out to items number 6, 7 and 10.  The new Salary Report however revealed a surprising development – last year’s number 5 on the industry-based survey (IT/Computer – Software) is now on the top spot.  There are no clear answers, but the demand for such specialization has clearly increased specially for mobile app development.  As to the ratio between the demand and available candidates, the survey has not reflected that.

For Supervisors (5 or more years experienced employees) or middle managers, we’ve seen the entry of Sales-Engineering/Technical/IT, Marketing/Business Development, Quality Control Assurance and Engineering/Industrial.  Here are the Top 10 Specializations with #GreatSalary for Supervisors:

  1. 15399842_sIT/Computer – Software (67,478)
  2. IT/Computer – Network/Database Admin (52,319)
  3. Law/Legal Services (39,788)
  4. Engineering/Electronics – Communication (34,831)
  5. Customer Service (34,722)
  6. Sales – Engineering/Technical/IT (33,396)
  7. Marketing/Business Development (33,104)
  8. Quality Control Assurance (32,978)
  9. Customer Service (32,878)
  10. Engineering-Industrial (27,032)

For Assistant Managers and Managers, here are the Top 10 Specializations with #GreatSalary

  1. IT/Computer – Software (100,838)
  2. IT/Computer – Network/Database Admin (81,274)
  3. Technical/Helpdesk Support (80,405)
  4. Customer Service (76,538)
  5. Architecture/Interior Design (68,616)
  6. Training & Development (67,380)
  7. Corp. Finance/Investment/Merchant Banking (66,362)
  8. Finance – General/Cost Accounting (59,696)
  9. Maintenance/Repair – Facilities/Machinery (59,367)
  10. Manufacturing/Production Operations (59,153)

The bottomline, IT is currently the highest-paying job in the Philippines.  Jobs in BPO and banking are not far behind.


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  1. A lot of operations managers or project managers working in BPO’s earn as much as 40 to 50 thousand pesos. I wonder why they’re not on the list. There are also lot of managerial jobs in the Philippines you forgot to include.